The Return of Flippr + An Important Announcement

  • Sunday, April 08, 2018
  • By Carter Fitzsimmons

It's now 2018. Club Penguin has been gone for a week and a few days more than a year now, and with it, Club Penguin Rewritten has encouraged a resurgence of CPPSes to compensate for the classic's end, all trying to reach the audience of the old game by whatever means necessary. In that span of a year, when Club Penguin Island was trying to fill the void, and Club Penguin Rewritten was going strong, something still felt missing. A truly unique Club Penguin experience that felt like Club Penguin. Yes, SuperCPPS somewhat had the feel of Club Penguin, however, not to say it's a poor game by any means, it's contents heavily rip assets straight out of Club Penguin Island, and repeats parties more than not. What we truly needed was a game to bring us back to the glory days of Club Penguin, and none felt more like the classic Club Penguin than Flippr.

Flippr was a popular private server that was ran in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Although I wasn't there for 2014, it was the first steps to what would become the very first fully-customized CPPS, building off the framework of Club Penguin but remixing concepts and ideas to make a unique experience unlike any other. Flippr 2015 was the very first Flippr I was apart of, and through that time I met Sandor, the owner of the private server. From the moment I first met him, after admiring his work for some time, I became good friends with him. I continued to follow his work even after Flippr 2015's end and we would discuss ideas back and forth on Twitter every once and awhile. Flippr rose again in 2016 but hosted by +Teddy to revive uPlayEve, what I can assume to be another CPPS, this time using assets from both uPlayEve and Flippr 2015. I played this Flippr too and it did have it's charm, however, Flippr 2015 kept lingering in the back of my mind nonstop. Sandor is a top-notch designer, in my opinion, so I was really interested in what he was doing next.

So for the next couple of years I sat and I waited. I watched the Iceberg tip, I watched Club Penguin collapse onto itself, I watched CPPSes begging on their hands and knees for anyone to play, I watched Club Penguin Island try to do anything to win an audiance, but I never was impressed or moved by any of it. By that time, I assumed the magic had worn off. When I was younger I would have loved to see the Iceberg tip, or a new Club Penguin game, but I wasn't feeling it. But I did keep an eye out for whatever came next, even so.

For the next few years, I watched what Sandor had coming next- and that's what truly impressed me. Club Penguin had a less than desirable year in 2016, to say the least, but around that time Sandor (or Shocker, as he was known for a short time) made parties that fit into the modern island, like his interpretation of what the Music Jam 2016 should've been like and The Fair 2016, had it come back that year. He put these on his newly created site, Club Penguin Customs ( Some much care went into each of those parties- it was nothing short of incredible. Also on the website was old Flippr parties and minigames alongside links to find his personal blog and a fourm for Club Penguin custom rooms and more. Sandor scrapped this idea in early 2017, but left the website up to display his work.

Sandor came back after a hiatus with a new idea called Flippr, a spiritual successor to his Club Penguin Customs website, opened on a broader scale for more developers of CPPSes and fans of CPPSes to share their ideas and work for the community to see. The website was made to encourage growth of the dwindling Club Penguin community by showing off the creativity of the remaining few to breathe new life into it. It garnered a cult following throughout the CPPS community as a central idea hub for every CPPS, and it still continues to be a breeding ground of ideas as well as a message board for any particular CPPS. In theory, it was embracing the spirit of Flippr's past by encouraging new developers to make custom projects in a similar vein to Flippr, which was a great idea, considering Flippr's influence. Because of the trend that Flippr started in 2014, fully-customized CPPSes have become a normality. If you want to visit the Flippr forum, I encourage you to join. There's an incredible and talented community unlike any other. Then Sandor announced that Flippr CPPS was making it's return this summer, and then everything changed.

I am happy to announce that Flippr is coming back. It's almost unreal how long it's been since I first saw Flippr, since I first met the team, since I first was in awe at the potential of such a wonderful CPPS. It's hard to believe 2015 was 3 years ago (and I feel old typing that out). But it's finally back.
I'm also proud to announce... drum roll please....

I will be working with Sandor and the Flippr staff to make Flippr the best experience it can be!

Nothing's set in stone yet, but I can tell you right now that this is huge. I am so excited to start working with the team. I'll have more details about my position at Flippr at a later date. Our long goal is the same, though: we aim to deliever the best experience possible, and I am devoted to making that happen for every player who plays Flippr 2018 and enjoys every moment along with you.

 If you'd like to know more, please join the new Flippr Discord, where discussion and sneak peeks are posted:

Also, follow Flippr and Sandor on Twitter for sneak peeks and more information regarding the game:
Sandor: or @FlipprFounder
Flippr: or @FlipprCPPS

I've also been pushing my personal Discord for a while now, but I've never done so on this blog before. I've decided to put any new events or otherwise in my Discord channel under #thepenguintimes channel, so please follow my Discord for more Flippr information. I've also been doing Super Smash Bros. Switch predictions and speculation as well as Animal Crossing update coverage so check that out as well!

The last thing to address is the future of this blog. There isn't much of a need for constant updates as before, thanks to the constant news streams coming from my own Twitter (@TheCarterFitz) and the Fitzsimmons Network and FlipprCPPS Discord servers. So while I might post party guides and other helpful tips on Flippr 2018, and catch up on my backlog of Waddle Down Memory Lane posts as well, I will mostly be sticking to the FlipprCPPS and Fitzsimmons Network Discord servers for brief and immediate updates and information drops. So no, this blog isn't going anywhere. It's just not going to have a constant stream of updates as before. That might change if audience demand is high enough, but we'll cross that road when (and if) we come across it.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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