"Was Bobbi a Successful Community Manager?" Response

Recently on Twitter, news spread about my blog through the now infamous article "Was Bobbi A Successful Community Manager?", in which I analysed Club Penguin's business practices and Bobbi's role at Club Penguin during her time at the offices. I analysed both positive and negative aspects of Bobbi's influence on the community and her work at Club Penguin. I clearly stated in the first paragraph my stance on the issue- and that although I would try to stay unbiased and objective, I couldn't promise that entirely because it was something I felt I wanted to comment on. The article was (and is not) meant to be "Anti-Megg" propaganda- it was meant to be a discussion for the Club Penguin Island community to have together. I just compiled my thoughts and my research into one article, and leave the final say to the community.

If you've read the article, I state my personal opinion at the beginning, but that's it. The article consists of objective facts I found throughout my research, and what I've noticed throughout Megg being at the Club Penguin team. I've been invested in blogging about Club Penguin since 2009, and have been playing since 2006. Nothing I said about Bobbi in the article was made in spite of her. I don't have any ill will towards Bobbi in any situation, and I far from hate her as a person. My final stance on the topic, as you'd learn from reading the article, is that Bobbi could've done much more for Club Penguin, and didn't truly live up to being community manager until it was too late. That's it.

Yet I have been crucified by the community for having a different opinion than everybody else. I'm known as the "Megg hater", and became an dis-honorary troll from DJStores. I apologize for some of my ramblings on Twitter about Bobbi (specifically the day she left), but I can tell you with full certainty there's no one that was more passionate about Club Penguin's success than I am. When I say that Club Penguin or someone at Club Penguin is messing up or not doing a good job, I am not afraid to state my opinion if it's for the game's sake.  In fact, I hope the Club Penguin team reads all of my articles and I hope that some of the criticisms I make will help improve the game.

Bobbi's Response

Lastly, to Bobbi's response... I appreciate the time you took to read my article and see things from my perspective. As I mentioned earlier I tried to keep things as objective- and stay unbiased- as much as possible. However, I hope the criticisms I made may help you in your new field of work or Joe in his, as our new community manager for the time being. Everything I say and do is meant for the good of the game- and sometimes I get too passionate, so I apologize for anything negative I've ever said against you.

 All my information about Bobbi's job description and role in Club Penguin were obtained by public sources, I had to make assumptions when necessary. If something was false in the article, please let me know and I'll make corrections. Sorry in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my response, and have a great day. 

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