WARNING: Disney Accused of Illegally Tracking Information in Lawsuit

According to an article on Hollywood Reporter, Disney is being sued for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
"A San Francisco mom says her child was illegally tracked while using the Disney Princess Palace Pets app. 
Amanda Rushing, on behalf of her child referred to as "L.L.," is suing The Walt Disney Company, Disney Electronic Content and others in a proposed class action filed Thursday in California federal court.  
Rushing claims an advertising-specific software development kit is surreptitiously embedded in the code for the app, and that's how Disney is collecting personal information and tracking online behavior."
This doesn't only apply to the Disney Princess Palace application, but also other Disney applications, including Club Penguin Island. Disney has not issued a response to the suit yet, but I'll keep watch on future details involving the case.

As an extra safety measure, if you do not want Disney to track your personal data and information, delete any Disney online mobile apps you may have until the issue is resolved. For more information, see the original article here.

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