SuperCPPS In English?

  • Tuesday, August 29, 2017
  • By Carter Fitzsimmons

SuperCPPS is a wonderfully creative Club Penguin Private Server, with custom items, rooms, furniture, igloos, and more. The server hosts custom parties, using assets from the original Club Penguin, and even has a day/night cycle to follow in real time. There's quests to explore and secrets to discover, and to not spoil anything, I won't say anything more. With EPF, PSA, and the recently released Card-Jitsu on the island, I fully recommend checking out this modified version of Club Penguin.

Only one problem - it's entirely, and exclusively, in Spanish. For right now, that is.

The SuperCPPS Twitter has tweeted out a poll for us English-native penguins, asking if we would like to play SuperCPPS in English. It's not just an offhanded tweet either- it's the pinned tweet on their profile with a majority of voters choosing in favor of an English-friendly version of the game.
Hopefully this means the SuperCPPS team is looking into translating the game into English.

 If SuperCPPS is translated to English, I will be blogging about the game as long as the site is still up and running. I will be making guides for how to become an EPF and PSA agent, how to become a ninja, and making multiple guides for parties, quests, and SuperCPPS exclusive features.

This is a CPPS, like Flippr and Pengable before it, that I have confidence in, and see a lot of passion poured into it. Everything looks beautiful, and I'm loving everything about it so far. Regardless, let's see what this poll means before I do anything!

I will be back with more updates as they come about SuperCPPS. Let's hope it finally gets an English release!

Link to SuperCPPS:
Play SuperCPPS:

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