Hiatus + Important Announcements

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Now on to the announcements:

Club Penguin has always been about the community before anything else. Above the parties, igloos, puffles- the community had kept Club Penguin alive for so many years. As we move forward to Club Penguin Island, and begin to lose support from a majority of players and staff, it's important that the remaining community comes together and celebrates the past, present, and future of Club Penguin.

Not only should we continue to appreciate the game that brought millions of people together, but we should use this opportunity, as a community, to celebrate creativity, kindness, and each other.

That's why I'm choosing to replace the "Alternate Routes" segments I had planned with a new segment called "Community Spotlight". Not only that, but I plan to introduce another segment, inspired by the Club Penguin Island blog, called "Penguin of the Week".

The amount of creativity in the Club Penguin Island community is incredible. Everyday, while scrolling through Twitter, I find an amazing piece of fan art or an incredibly well put together video made by former or current Club Penguin fans. I've often thought that these fans deserve more attention for their hard work and dedication. Community Spotlight will attempt to be that outlet.

Penguin of the Week is exactly as it sounds. Every (other) week, I will be selecting a member of the Club Penguin Island community that is extremely kind, respectful, and caring towards other community members. I will be giving a reward of some kind, but I haven't determined what that will be just yet.

New Schedule - coming Autumn 2017

A schedule will also be implemented soon. I will post sometimes on Mondays about Club Penguin news or update information, if any is provided. Every other Wednesday is Penguin of the Week, Fridays are Waddling Down Memory Lane segments, and Weekends are either Retrospective posts or Community Spotlight. Those are just the guaranteed posts for the week- of course, any big articles or news stories, depending on their relevance, will be posted on any given day.

Finally, I have decided that I will be taking a temporary hiatus from regularly posting on The Penguin Times while I stockpile posts for the next few months. As school begins, it will soon become more chaotic for me to post every week. A lot of time goes into each article I write, and my workload will soon be almost double as I am now a writer for my school newspaper as well. I hope you all understand. 

However, I will be posting new short updates on The Penguin Times' Facebook page on Club Penguin Island or sneak peeks of my upcoming posts almost every day, so look foward to that. It'll feel like I'm still here, in a way.

 Thank you for reading The Penguin Times, we appreciate you. We'll return this Autumn back and better than ever. Until then, waddle on!

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