Find Four, DuckTales + Rookie Ch. 2 coming to Club Penguin Island!

Club Penguin has hinted at Find Four, a game originally in Club Penguin, to return on Club Penguin Island as a party game. Club Penguin's Twitter posted this sneak peek not too long ago:

Find Four has allegedly been confirmed, according to some eager Club Penguin Island fans, yet I cannot find any official evidence of this. Based on the picture above, "Find Four" will become a new Party Game that members can purchase for multiple people. Instead of red and blue chips, the chips will include caveman and dinosaurs, from what we see.

 If it indeed sticks to that prehistoric theme, the name could be different and the gameplay could be remixed from the original formula, however, that's all just speculation.

Another idea I had was a party shop devoted to buying new themes for your find four tables. It would certainly be interesting... imagine Pirates V. Crabs, or Fluffies vs. Squids. Maybe each theme, like I previously mentioned, could have a remixed formula. Or perhaps you could mix and match your theme and format with all Find Four matches.

Since Rookie's Marble Hunt and Rockhopper's Ink or Swim earn you their respective experience points, I would imagine "Find Four" would earn you Aunt Arctic's experience points with each game played.

I think Find Four's basic format and chips should be available for all players, with members having the ability to buy unique chips and formats. For the simplicity of the "Find Four" gameplay, I don't think it's a feature that should be restricted by membership. It'd also be the first nonmember party game- which would be beneficial to the enjoyment of all players.

DuckTales inspired clothing. decals, and patterns (possibly even tubes?) are coming to the Disney Shop in Club Penguin Island in the next update. As seen by this perspective shot of Beacon Boardwalk, the Disney shop is decorated differently than it currently is in update 1.5. Peeking out from the tree leaves is the beginning of the Ducktale logo, and at the top of the sign is Scrooge McDuck's top hat. Ducktales was a children's show that premiered in the 1980's to critical acclaim, and is getting a revival on Disney XD.

Costumes of Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby- along with patterns and decals- are likely. Going back to my Find Four prediction, it could also be the first set of the Disney shop to introduce Disney themed chips. What that could be I'll leave up to the reader.

For everyone hoping for the Doctor Who takeover on Club Penguin, this is the closest it's probably ever going to get- David Tennant (the 10th Doctor of Doctor Who) plays Scrooge McDuck in the new DuckTales series. (But you know, it technically still could happen. Disney XD did air Doctor Who for a brief while.)

Last but not least, Chapter 2 of Rookie's Adventures will be released in the next update. The adventures will revolve around the EPF and what's at the top of Mt. Blizzard.

As I speculated around Club Penguin Island's reveal, the tallest mountain looks like it has an menacing face on it. This mountain in particular has made prominent appearances in Mt. Blizzard promotional material (shown above) and was made prominent on the Club Penguin Island map before Mt. Blizzard's release. This mountain is likely where the greater threat to Club Penguin Island lives, and that threat is what the Elite Penguin Force will likely be called to deal with. But that's just speculation.

I will let you know if I find any new updates. Until then, waddle on.

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