Club Penguin Island 1.5 Update Notes

Club Penguin has released new information about their 1.5 update for Club Penguin Island. Brace yourself, these are very big updates. Nothing has ever been as big as these updates, or ever will be as big. This is what we've been waiting for. The team FINALLY delivered all the big requests. You wanted puffles? No, these are much better.
  • Beacon Boardwalk receives Tilt-O-Tube activity - be the last penguin tubing to win
  • New game, Ink or Swim, can be purchased by members - up to 3 can play
  • Descendants 2 outfits, patterns, and emoji at the Disney Shop
  • Blizzard Beach event - free emojis, members earn special clothing & Blizzard Beach tube
Boy, am I glad I waited a month for these updates, because it was TOTALLY worth it! Club Penguin Island does it again. That team is incredible. How do they make such a masterpiece of gaming- no- the best piece of modern art that has ever graced the face of the earth? Bravo, Club Penguin Island, I owe my soul to you. You're the essence of my being and I sleep every night thinking of you with my phone wrapped between my arms. Thank you for being you, Club Penguin Island. You're truly the best game on the face of the earth.

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