Waddling Down Memory Lane: Camp Penguin 2007

Welcome to my newest series, "Waddling Down Memory Lane", in which I will be reminiscing on the best memories out of my 10 years of classic Club Penguin experiences- and what made them so great in the first place. I thought the timing was appropriate to discuss this first party, given the Summer season is now upon us- does anyone remember Camp Penguin?

Camp Penguin Town

Camp Penguin was a party held on Club Penguin celebrating the summer season and the excitement that goes with visiting a campground or being at a summer camp. The whole island was decorated like a campground, too- the dock was an outdoor cookout,  the Pizza Parlor was a Mess Hall (food fights included), the Beach had a huge interactive campfire- and there were even snow trails dug in every direction to give the feeling of hiking around the wilds.

Camp Penguin Dock
This party was quite memorable one for those who were able to attend- but, it isn't well known. Up until it's cameo at the 10th Anniversary Party, it was barely talked about in the community if at all. This is in part because Camp Penguin only lasted for only ONE weekend. (An insane thought nowadays considering parties on Club Penguin since 2015 have all been at least 3 weeks in length.)

Fun fact: Camp Penguin was the first party on Club Penguin to be under the Walt Disney name in August 2007.

Camp Penguin Cove (Don't forget to pick up your free Marshmallow Stick!)
There's a few reasons why I think this party is one of Club Penguin's best. For starters, it gave the player so much to do. Penguins telling campfire stories and roasting marshmallows, penguins having massive food fights at the mess hall while others dress up as cafeteria workers who absolutely hate their jobs, it was all very fun. If you weren't into role playing, there was still much for you to do. Members gained a whole wave of new camping themed clothing and furniture, one of the new igloos was even a camping tent. Even though Camp Penguin was only a three day event, Club Penguin went ALL OUT.

Camp Penguin Mess Hall (Pizza Parlor) 

 The visuals at this party were top notch as well. Every room in Camp Penguin is so visually appealing from the shrubbery, to the the snow trails, to basically everything in the Mess Hall. Everything just had a friendly and inviting atmosphere. No party in Club Penguin history has ever replicated the unique freehand artstyle style of Camp Penguin. This is a prime example of classic Club Penguin. Everything wasn't always proportionally accurate, not every room had straight lines, and most shadows weren't correct if there were shadows at all. But that's what made the visuals of the pre-2009 parties so unique.

Camp Penguin Plaza

Somewhat noteworthy: Camp Penguin didn't have a plot to go along with it. Herbert didn't try to step in, Sasquatch wasn't hiding in the bushes stealing food, and no mascots tried to steal the show. Camp Penguin was for the penguin's enjoyment, and back in the day, that was Club Penguin's philosophy. This only goes to show that good parties don't need to have a plot, but need to have atmosphere- something which Club Penguin seemed to forget after 2013.

Camp Penguin Forest
The final reason why I think Camp Penguin is a notch above your regular party is just that- atmosphere. The timing was perfect a summer-themed party. Club Penguin had a weird tendency (specifically as they introduced other countries) of having their Summer-themed party in August, after most children in the US are back in school, and Camp Penguin was the first party to receive this treatment.

Newspaper Article on Camp Penguin
Of course, having to go back to class after two months of playing outside and swimming, possibly even camping, would be rough- especially for a child in elementary school. So, having Camp Penguin in the first weekend after back to school week would serve as a fun so-long to summer. I remember I was glad to be on Club Penguin during this party. It reminded me of all the fun I had during summer, and I was that ready to start the 1st grade!

Seeing all of the camp made me incredibly happy. Getting the free marshmallow stick, throwing logs into the campfire, these are some of the most memorable moments in my Club Penguin history. But most importantly, the party was fun. That's what made Camp Penguin a party I will never forget.

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