Inside Out Party 2015 Review Revisited

Back in  2015 when I was semi-regularly writing on The Penguin Times, I attempted to review the Inside Out Party for August 2015. The review was terrible, mainly because I wrote the movie's plot synopsis and nothing else. So today I wanted to revisit my Inside Out party review and give it the benefit of the doubt- was it as bad as I said it was in my Descendants Takeover review?

 (To my 2015 self: Great job on the title. Inside Out 2015: Went Inside, Walked Straight Out.
That must've taken a comedic genius.)

Inside Out, released in 2015, is a Disney Pixar film about a young girl named Riley who discovers that her family is moving and struggles emotionally because of this. The story focuses on Riley's emotions, namely Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Riley's emotions try to keep her memories safe and emotions under control, which proves difficult for all parties. Soon after the start of the film, tensions rise between Joy and Sadness and they both, along with every single core memory, are accidentally displaced from Headquarters, where core memories are stored. At the risk of Riley losing all her core memories, Anger, Fear, and Disgust improvise for Joy and Sadness and attempt to keep Riley's emotions under control. Along the way, Joy and Sadness visit different islands of thought, encounter colorful characters like Bing Bong (Riley's imaginary friend) and Rainbow Unicorn, and they even discover Riley's subconscious, a place where forgotten memories are stored. At the risk of spoiling the film, I won't say more.

 In short, the movie was really good. The film was emotionally driven, with everything from side-splitting comedy to scenes that will more than likely make you fight back tears. The visuals were incredible, the soundtrack was interesting, and overall, I'd say it deserves more attention. If you haven't watched it yet, It's definitely worth your time,

The Inside Out Party was an event in Club Penguin from July 23rd to August 5th, lasting 2 weeks on desktop and an extra 2 weeks on mobile, ending on August 19th. The party loosely follows the story of the film. Directly from the Club Penguin Wiki, the storyline of this party goes as follows: After eating cursed cheese on a mysterious island, Rockhopper lost his memories. Penguins could use Gary the Gadget Guy's invention, the "Minderizer 3000", to retrieve the memories before they disappeared forever. Although Rockhopper's emotions played a pivotal role in the storyline, Rockhopper was not meetable, nor was the Migrator docked at the Beach. Instead, Gary the Gadget Guy could be found waddling around Club Penguin.

Inside Out Party 2015 Headquarters
Non-members could obtain items based on Inside Out, while members could claim Inside Out themed costumes by completing puzzles to get Rockhopper's memories back (which I'll talk more about in a moment).  Members could transform into Bing Bong and Rainbow Unicorn from the film. Special Inside Out emoticons based on the 5 emotions in Inside Out could be used. There was a total of 7 rooms at the Inside Out party (6 being party rooms based inside Rockhopper's mind), and 28 items were available by completing puzzles (6 items were for non-members) and Gary's background could be obtained by meeting him on the island.

Inside Out Party 2015 Food Island

To obtain Inside Out clothing and help Rockhopper gain his memories back, players had to look for his memories around his mind. To do this, players would look for Rockhopper's core memories in the 5 different memory islands available. After finding the core memory, players would play a Ice Jam mini-game, similar to the Terminal mini-game from Operation: Blackout. Every Ice Jam game is relatively simple, but the difficulty slightly picks up for every emotion. If Rockhopper gained every core memory back, players would gain a pirate clothing set and an Emotional Background.

Inside Out Party 2015 Dream Productions
There are a few complaints I have with this party. First of all, the size of the party compared to the length of the party- while older Club Penguin parties were grand in scope but only over the course of 5 days tops, it's interesting that smaller 7 room parties, like this one, would go on for almost a month.
Of course, this trend became more apparent as time went on. The Descendants party, with only 3 rooms decorated, similarly went on for 2 weeks. This tactic was used by the Club Penguin team to fill up time, attempting to keep the community busy while they wait for new parties to... varying degrees of success.

Inside Out Party 2015 Loot Island
Other complaints I have with the Inside Out party deal with Rockhopper himself. When gaining the core memory where Rockhopper meets Yarr, the memory projector shows Rockhopper on Rockhopper Island wearing his 2013 redesign jacket. This is a continuity error. In the Journal of Captain Rockhopper, Rockhopper finds Yarr on a piece of driftwood in the ocean, before Rockhopper Island was discovered. Rockhopper also didn't wear his pirate jacket yet, since he discovered Yarr in 2006.

 This is also the second party in a row involving Rockhopper receiving some sort of torment for story convenience, the previous one being when the Migrator was attacked by pirate crabs during the Pirate Party 2014. During this time, Rockhopper also became a stereotype, only eating stinky cheese and saying stereotypical pirate phrases. The "flanderization", or reduction to one or two key traits, of Rockhopper's character after his 2013 redesign was likely due to the lowering age demographic. In my opinion, it ruined Rockhopper as a character and made him less relatable. The same thing happened to Gary, but to a lesser extent.

(Detail: The Inside Out Party 2015 Subconscious and the Gold Mine share similar structures) 
The last complaint with the Inside Out party is the mixture between the original film and the party. This party attempted to try and be unique by giving Rockhopper a storyline with his emotions, yet items like Riley's Hockey Stick, Hockey Helmet, and the ability to transform into Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, is very confusing. Either it's a coincidence Rockhopper and Riley from the film share the same interests and imaginary friend (made up of everything Riley loves), or Disney gave us an unexplained movie tie-in transformation with no relevance to the party's plot. Similar story to Rainbow Unicorn, again, another character thought up by Riley.

In short, my final verdict on the Inside Out Party: It's not the best party by any stretch of the imagination. I like this party only for the many amazing outfits available based on the film and the inclusion of my favorite mascot Rockhopper. The puzzles of this party take 2 minutes at most, adding up to 10 minutes maximum before players can claim every collectible at the party. With a mobile device, every item could be claimed without doing a single puzzle. The replay value wasn't there at all with the Inside Out Party. The party constantly felt like something was missing- and what was missing was a party. The pieces were there for a good party, but in execution, what we got was a storyline with barely any party, just to be a movie tie-in to cash in on the film's popularity. Too bad the trend would only continue from here on out. 

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