Waddling Down Memory Lane: April Fools' Party

Most every veteran penguins remember the April Fools' Day parties fondly. At most, it was the time where the island got sillier and more zany than any other time of the year, and at least, it was a fun time-waster party. I don't really have any April Fools' Day party memory that particularly stands out in my mind- but I remember how crazy the first few were. It's interesting to see how they evolved- and why the April Fools' Day party of April 2012 was the last.

The first April Fools' was in 2006, but unlike the others, not much is actually known about it. It was much less a party, it was more like a scavenger hunt. The Club Penguin Times did a quiz to see how many differences players could see on Club Penguin during April Fools'.  Socks were hung up instead of flags at the Snow Forts, random furniture was at the Ice Rink, and the Dojo was a drawing where penguins could walk anywhere. There was one free item (the red propeller cap), and the party lasted only one day. It was more random than the parties to follow. This is also the only April Fools' Day party I have not been involved in.

April Fools' Day 2007 Lighthouse
The second April Fools' was in 2007, and it set the tone for future April Fools' parties. Boxes were placed in every room, and each box would do something unique. Boxes would burn at the Snow Forts, the Night Club's sound system was just boxes, and balloons would come out of boxes. Where'd the boxes come from? Why are they here? What does it have to do with April Fools'? This party had 2 free items, lasted only 2 days, and had 18 rooms decorated. It was a neat start to the tradition, and I'll admit, the boxes were pretty unexpected. (Extra detail: the Box Portals around the island would warp you to random party rooms. This was before the Box Dimension. Neat!)

April Fools' 2008 Iceberg
April Fools' 2008 is more like 2006 than 2007 in the fact boxes have disappeared in favor for more silliness. Hyper realistic Pizza Parlor, childlike-drawn Coffee Shop and Ski Lodge, sketch-drawn Beacon, retro Night Club complete with an exclusive mini-game Thinicestrobarrier only available at this party and never shown again- this party deserves it's own "Waddling Down Memory Lane" article for how much content it had and how much personality it brought to Club Penguin. This party had 2 free items, a whopping 25 rooms decorated, and only lasted 4 days.

April Fools' 2008 Lodge Attic (Yes, this was an official design)
April Fools' 2008 happened during the infamous Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP). In this project, penguins could help the Club Penguin Team test out new features that would be added to Club Penguin like the improved Penguin Mail system and the new player card features. It lasted from March 10th to April 4th, and penguins involved could get a Red Hard Hat. (Fun fact: You could test features on CPIP as a Green Puffle!) Leave a comment below if you want to know more about CPIP, I'd be happy to turn this topic into a full article.

Postcard for participating in CPIP (2008)
April Fools' 2008, in short, was the most memorable April Fools' party to me. Absolutely incredible use of combining different art styles and having other silly tweaks to the island. Unfortunately, this random trend would not continue. Club Penguin decided to go back to the Box theme for the rest of the April Fools' parties.

April Fools' 2009 Town

April Fools' 2009 was the first party to go back to 2007's box theme, and added more boxes. Almost everything, Sketch-Dojo aside, was made of boxes. Boxes scattered around the island would do zany things, to an even further extent. This event took place during both the Snow Sculpture Showcase 2009 and the first Penguin Play Awards. A special party room, the Box Store, allowed penguins to buy boxes to decorate their igloos. (It's also one of my favorite party room designs).

April Fools' 2009 Box Store
 23 rooms were decorated (26 if you include the Stage, Backstage of the Penguin Play Awards, and Box Store), 1 free item (2 if you include the Penguin Play Award Trophy for members), and lasted only 5 days, making this the biggest April Fools' parties in Club Penguin. However, many rooms were borrowed from the April Fools' 2007 party.

Box Dimension
The box portals that showed up during the 2007 party were turned into an official igloo item which members could purchase at the Box Store. The "Box Portals" led to a new permanent room called the Box Dimension, a room that would later become of importance during the Adventure Party 2009, later April Fools' parties, and would lead to the discovery of the Orange Puffle. The April Fools' Party 2009 is one of the most important parties in Club Penguin history for that reason.

April Fools' 2010 "A Silly Place"
April Fools' 2010 was nothing short of... underwhelming. While still a quality party, it hardly matched the scope and extravagance of the previous April Fools' parties. Including the box elements of 2007 and 2009 with a hint of 2008's unique design, this party tried to do everything the older parties tried to do at once. However, 2010 was the year Club Penguin tried going for a more polished design as opposed to freehand. Because of this, Club Penguin tried doing wacky things with it's rooms and design, but it wasn't as unique or creative as before. 19 rooms were decorated (20 including the party room "A Silly Place"), 2 free items (one for members), and lasted only 5 days. Some party rooms were reused from the previous year.

April Fools' 2011 Box Dimension
Instead of an island-wide April Fools' as per usual, Club Penguin decided to use the Box Dimension and give the party a story. Rookie, a well-known PSA and EPF member on the island, accidentally opened new portals in the Box Dimension, leading to the April Fools' 2011. New dimensions, like the Doodle Dimension and Stair Dimension, added silly visual and gameplay quirks to Club Penguin similar to the April Fools' party of 2008. Some dimensions were even interactive, such as the Space Dimension. "A Silly Place" was made into a mini-dimension alongside 7 others, one which was members only.  The Strange Dimension could only be accessed with a Box Costume, which members could get after completing the April Fools' Scavenger Hunt. Rookie was meetable on Club Penguin for the first time during this party.

April Fools' 2011 Strange Dimension
This party borrowed every room from April Fools' 2010, and added 7 more, totaling to 28 total rooms. 2 free items (one for members, 3 free items if you consider Rookie's background) and a Box Delivery costume set for members. This party lasted 13 days. Rather than a brand new party, it was more of the previous year's party with added and modified content.

April Fools' 2012 Zany Funhouse Dimension
April Fools' 2012 was the last April Fools' party on Club Penguin. 2 more dimensions opened in the Box Dimension adding onto the previous year's dimensions. This was the first year that the island was not decorated (besides the Town, Plaza, and Snow Forts to lead into the Box Dimension). Rookie was once again meetable. This party had only 14 rooms (7 of which were reused from the previous year), 4 free items (2 for members only, 5 including Rookie's background), and the party lasted for a week.

April Fools' 2012 Orange Puffle Dimension
Considering April Fools' 2011 could handle the mini-dimensions and the April Fools' 2010 rooms, the decision to not include decorations around Club Penguin could be due to time restraints, as I discuss in the Earth Day retrospective. Club Penguin was simply too overwhelmed creating the massive Medieval Party, the party following April Fools' in May 2012.

 The reason April Fools' 2012 was the last April Fools' party has not been confirmed, yet a commonly accepted theory is that the party lacked the quality of a traditional party (especially previous April Fools' events), and due to fan criticism, the tradition was cancelled. Another theory goes that it was one of the many cancelled traditions that were lost with The Journey (a redesign of the island after Operation: Blackout) in 2013.

My personal theory that Club Penguin was running out of ideas for future April Fools' parties, as the Box Dimension already felt cluttered with 10 dimensions. On top of that, after the 2013 redesign of Club Penguin, the team didn't have time to make a new April Fools' design for every room on the island. Because of this, the tradition was never seen again.

No matter what the case, the April Fools' parties will always be an important part of Club Penguin history. April Fools' gave us the craziest rooms the island has ever seen, and it introduced the Box Dimension, one of the most important, yet strangest rooms on Club Penguin. In a way, April Fools' gave way to the discovery of the Orange Puffle. Rookie also became a mascot during these parties, for better or worse. There's a lot to love about the April Fools' parties. Shame it had to come to an end.

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