KittyLifter's Hacking On Flippr

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! There are many curious indivituals in Flippr 2016, and KittyLifter is one of the most curious of them. KittyLifter is a user on Flippr who goes online for the fun of hacking and messes with the internals of Flippr to it's limits. He has openly stated that he loves Flippr, and does not have any malicious intentions with the hacks. He would not tell how he pulled off the hacks he did in fear of others trying to replicate his hacking FOR malicious intent.

 During this time, his hacking did cause some server crashes and the host domain to go offline for short bursts, but I managed to get some screenshots of some hacks that he has done. A lot of his hacks dealt with hacking bait items for himself and adding 33333+ coins to accounts for pressing buttons. All of these manipulations of the software were, again, non-malicious, but it goes to show how open Flippr is to attack.

KittyLifter's Igloo with a Coin Generator
KittyLifter with the Bait Item +Teddy's Deadmau5 Ears
KittyLifter added Hack Coins and Click Me Buttons onto his Playercard

KittyLifter added Blue Box onto his Playercard
KittyLifter Hacking the Town to take on it's Kitty Kat Week Appearance
KittyLifter Enlarging his Shadow to take up the Town's space

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