iGlf2000 Merger

  • Monday, June 20, 2016
  • By Grant Fitzsimmons

 iGlf2000 Screenshot

I have been present here for the past few days and I decided to merge our early incarnation of the site, iGlf2000, with The Penguin Times. This site was originally CP Task Force and a dirivitive of iGlf2000. Even before that, Glf & Turtleboy existed, and after that, Glf & Turtleboy Flashspot. To maintain the older site, I have recovered the original template and converted it into a proper site. It will remain un-updated and its posts have been moved here. If you would like to see the original posts, go to the sidebar and choose 2011 in the archive function. It will list most of the posts from iGlf2000.


  • Unlike Fitzsimmons Weekly and The Penguin Times, iGlf2000 did not host its own content and many image links will 404. 
  • Titles are not on many of the available posts and instead are linked to through pictures
  • Links and updates are not applicable on this site
  • Sponsored links and old videos may or may not exist anymore

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