Flippr's Private Chat Guide

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! A lot of updates happened today on Flippr, including a heavily requested private chat feature that, to my knowledge, only CPPS.me shares. The new feature doubles as a private chat room and a global server chat room, similar to the standard Xat chat boxes below other CPPSes.

The new Contacts Box
Once you log into Flippr, you may have noticed a little blue box in the bottom right corner of the screen. That is your contact book to start private messaging!

Here are the instructions on how to access each form of chatting, straight from the tutorial box! (I mistakingly closed the box without reading, and it seems many others did too. Whoops!)

To join the global server chat, click on the Rooms tab.  Then in the room name field, type Flippr, and then click Join Room! 

To start a private chat, you need to add some contacts. Click on the Contacts tab, and then on Add Contact. In the new field, type the EXACT player username and after that @flippr.eu. (Example: DJFang@flippr.eu) You can accept requests by rolling over a player's username. Starting a new private chat is easy - simply click on one of the accepted player names.

If the list is bugged up, relogin and if the problem still persists, contact us at http://support.flippr.eu Have fun! -Flippr Team

How do you like the new feature?

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