Flippr Guide: PSA Agent

Hello Penguins! TheCarterFitz here. Becoming a PSA agent is no easy task- in fact, not many penguins on Flippr know how to become one. I've already made a guide for Flippr 2015 on how to get into the EPF, so I figured I would wrap up this Guide series with possibly the hardest feature to find on the island.

The story goes that after the Popcorn Explosion on Club Penguin in 2010, the Sport Shop was destroyed and a brand new EPF location was built to replace the PSA. Not only was the PSA HQ shut down, but the Sport Shop as well. This was to make way to a new building titled the Everyday Phoning Facility.
Club Penguin Sport Shop (2010)
Club Penguin PSA HQ (2010)
Years later in 2014 comes a newly re-branded Sport Shop in the Ski Village on Flippr Island, an island with a striking similar story to the Club Penguin Island. Later, a secret entrance within the changing rooms comes with it's re-decoration in 2015. And that's where we'll be trying to get into the secret PSA room today.
Flippr 2015/2016 Sport Shop 
Flippr 2015/2016 PSA Headquarters
The PSA is top secret, it has not been reported in The Flippr Post or The Flippr Times. Only a very select few agents know about it. If you know where to look, the puzzle pieces should easily fall together and the hidden code should be easy to crack.

On Gary's desk in the Everyday Phoning Facility, you will find a loose piece of paper. (An EPF file that fell out of a binder... Woah Gary! Easy on the Coffee! Your spilling top secret documents!) Click on the paper and you will find it's a music sheet. What's this doing here in a phoning facility? Well, PSA agents know that nothing happens without a reason.

The F.I.S.H. (Revised copy, November 2015)
The music notes on the paper correspond with different colors, and the shapes at the bottom resemble the PSA "Tic-Tac-Toe" code. If you recall from the first F.I.S.H. handbook (p. June 26th, 2006) on Club Penguin, a tic-tac-toe type code was used for secret codes among PSA members. When decrypted using this code, the message reads:
Now go to the SPORT SHOP. There, next to the changing rooms, is where the STEREO is placed. Using the color coded music notes, press the corresponding button of matching color on the stereo. The side of the boombox should glow green and rise in color as you do this so you have an idea on how far you are. When done, the Director will call on your newly obtained PSA Phone. After a word of praise from the Director, you will obtain the PSA Badge pin. Wear it with pride! 

And with that, you have successfully became an PSA agent. You have gained access to the HQ by entering through the changing rooms or through the portal on your PSA phone. Congratulations!

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