Club Penguin Zootopia Party 2016 Guide

Hello Penguins! TheCarterFitz here! Zootopia, the most recent Disney animated film about anthropomorphic animals living in a big city and finding their dreams, has come to Club Penguin! Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and company have brought a part of their city to the island. Notable locations include Zootopia Police Department, Savannah Central, and Tundra Town. Players can dress up like characters from the film too!
This article is incomplete until June 8th, where more locations will be added to the Zootopia Party to make up for having no party in June.

Zootopia Party 2016 Snow Forts
Zootopia Party 2016 Zootopia Police Department
Zootopia Party 2016 Town
Zootopia Party 2016 Plaza
During the Zootopia Takeover, costumes for Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Deputy Mayor Bellwether, Clawhauser, Mayor Lionheart, Flash and Chief Bogo will all be available. Collect them before July 6th!

That's all for the Zootopia Party for now! Until June 8th, Waddle On!

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