Flippr Guide - EPFork #1

Readers might recall the Flippr Guide on EPF agents I made back on Flippr 2015. However, since then, the Spy Phone has changed to include EPForks. Flippr's EPForks are similar to Club Penguin's EPF Field Ops. Gary will assign the player a new task and the player must stop any complication that they are tasked with within the mission's time frame.

This week, Flippr has released the first EPFork!

The EPFork for this week can be found at the Iceberg near the Aqua Grabber, and your EPF Phone will ring. When clicked, the "Power Up The Chipset" mini-game will be activated. (If needed, players can practice their spy drills on Club Penguin at the Elite Penguin Force Command Room.) When completed, players will be rewarded with 5 medals to spend on EPF gear!

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