Flippr Earth Day 2016 Guide

Hello Penguins! TheCarterFitz here! Although Earth Day is April 22nd around the world, Flippr believes that Earth Day should really be celebrated all year! So, in the spirit of taking care of the environment, Flippr is celebrating Earth Day a little differently by having an Eco-Hunt and Earth Day Quiz! The Earth Day party will continue until June 3rd!

Flippr Earth Day 2016 Town
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Plaza 
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Dock (Get a free Globe Hat here)
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Snow Center
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Forest
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Beach
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Cove
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Wild Ponds
Flippr Earth Day 2016 Flippr Enter


Complete the Eco-Hunt for several prizes! Start with some hints about where to go...

Look below for the locations of each of the items!

Recycling Bin - Start your hunt with a recycling tray for collecting the litter - Find it at a place where you recycle.

Wooden Barrel - Rockhopper loves storing cream soda in the Lighthouse when his Migrator is full. But he's forgotten one for months...

Newspaper - Old newspapers can be found in the Boiler Room.

Pizza Box - Penguins love pizza but that one has just eaten a pizza and has thrown it near the Pizza Parlor. 

Teacup - Somebody has run and thrown out a cup behind the Coffee Shop... what a shame.

Java Bag - Ding ding ding, bean bags near coffee counter, bean bags near coffee counter!

Hot Sauce - A hot sauce always goes well with a hot pizza.

Puffle-O Box - These puffles always leave empty boxes where they can be adopted.

Barrel - Before going to the Mine, water the plants outside with one barrel.

Earth Day Logo - Just go outside of the Recycling Center in the Forest and find one tree- It's a special one.

Eco-Hunt Answers
Recycling Bin - Recycling Plant
Wooden Barrel - Lighthouse
Newspaper - Boiler Room
Pizza Box - Plaza
Teacup - Cafe Yard (behind the Coffee Shop)
Java Bag - Coffee Shop
Hot Sauce - Pizza Parlor
Puffle-O Box - Pet Shop
Barrel - Mine Shack
Earth Day Logo - Forest

Players may claim fabulous prizes after completing the Eco-Hunt! Congratulations! 

Earth Day Quiz 2016

Flippr Earth Day 2016 Earth Day Quiz Room

1) In which year was the 1st Earth Day celebrated in the United States?

Answer: 1970

2) Roughly speaking, how many years does it take for a Styrofoam cup to decompose? 
Answer: B. 400

3) Petroleum, coal, and natural gas are all _______ fuels, a nonrenewable energy source.
Answer: Fossil

4) The energy saved by recycling one glass bottle is enough to light a lightbulb for ___ hours.
Answer: 4

5) What is the most polluted continent on the Earth?
Answer: Asia

6) The United Nations officially renamed Earth Day in 2009. What is its new name?
Answer: International Mother Earth Day

Answer the questions correctly to win the Wooden House, Earth Igloo, and Recycle Pin! After that, that's about all! Congratulations!
Until next time, Waddle On!

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