Marvel Superhero Takeover 2016?

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! Back when I predicted Star Wars 2016 Takeover (which, sadly, never happened), I tied in new elements with Star Wars: The Force Awakens film that came out that December. This is most likely the biggest hole in that theory- it would require much work and time to create new rooms and costumes for all of the new locations, not even mentioning Project: Super Secret and the incompatibility with the Club Penguin app on Android and iOS. It would've been very messy- after all, that's likely the reason why Star Wars 2013 never came back once the mobile app incorporated parties and why Star Wars Rebels 2015 was so slimmed down.

Another much beloved party from 2013 was the Marvel Superhero Takeover. Continuing on from Marvel 2012, Marvel 2013 brought in more costumes, more powers, mini-games, and expanded Penguintropolis. For June 2016, I believe that it is the chance to bring assets from the previous Marvel Superhero Takeovers back to the island. Club Penguin has a common trend in parties (although as of late it's been a bit random), yet it's safe to assume one of two things; either Project: Super Secret will come and end Club Penguin this summer, or, like every summer since 2013, Club Penguin will get a lot of takeover-like parties throughout the summer months. This summer seems to be no different- May's party is Zootopia themed.

A new Marvel Superhero Takeover would be easy. For starters, just like Marvel 2012 was based off The Avengers and Marvel 2013 was based off Iron Man 3, Marvel 2016 would continue on that legacy with Captain America: Civil War. Club Penguin did a fantastic job creating costumes for most of the Marvel characters- and with some new Marvel heroes added during those three years off, Club Penguin could have just as many to create. Going in line of Captain America: Civil War,  new costumes could include Ant-Man, Vision, The Falcon, Black Panther, Crossbones- and that is not including other characters like Hulkbuster, Ultron, Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax! Disney Infinity 3.0's Marvel Battlegrounds playset has already shown off all the characters battling it out with one another- Marvel Ultimate Alliance style, and it would be absolutely insane if Club Penguin didn't use this to their advantage.

The first Marvel Superhero Takeover in 2012 brought in a record amount of players, and was one of the biggest Club Penguin parties of all time in terms of membership sales. This is the main contributor as to why many penguins that still play started in 2012, and this may have been their very first party. Lots of penguins clamor for days about old Club Penguin, but to put it bluntly, most of those players who were asking for "old CP" are no longer playing or have given up, and the persistent ones are the players who joined in 2011 and 2012- want their version of old Club Penguin. This is also why players didn't make a big deal about Marvel 2013- as the players who were turned off by the idea of "Takeovers" had mostly disappeared and the newer players enjoyed coming back to their first party on the island. Those players, who are mostly Marvel fans and likely still play, keep coming back to one day see the Avengers back on the island again- and who can blame them? It was a brilliant strategy. Marvel Superhero Takeovers were the ultimate climax of Club Penguin's popularity, and a newer version of those takeovers might bring in the crowd again that had come for Marvel 2012... and what's more, it's on the phones now!

What do you think? Do you think Club Penguin will make a Marvel Superhero Takeover 2016?

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