Project: Super Secret - Not Such A Secret Anymore

Disney Mix Logo
 Disney Mix is an upcoming Disney-branded application for iOS and Android devices. It's a social network aimed at children (ages 6-13) with the tagline Chat. Share. Play. Similar to other social applications like Kik and LINE, Disney Mix lets people create their very own avatar, chat with their friends, send special Disney-related/animated emoticons, and play games integrated into the app. The avatar people create for themselves works as their personalized avatar inside the games offered, like the game Spikes. Players can be challenged against other players in the application's games to compete for the highest score, and use special animated emoticons to interact with the avatars hosting the conversation, like the animated spring or thumbs up emotion. The application is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand- but it will be available worldwide for free very soon.
The Disney Mix application is one part of Club Penguin's Project: Super Secret. Not entirely based around the Club Penguin IP, Disney Mix incorporates Club Penguin by adding Puffle emotes to it's variety of Disney-related emoticons. This, in theory, could be a step up for Club Penguin. Before Disney Mix, Club Penguin was one of Disney's most underrepresented IPs that they own, only occasionally appearing on Disney's Game On (a segment shared with the now retired Pixie Hollow). Megg has elaborated that Disney Mix isn't all of Project: Super Secret, leaving a hint that "Project: Super Secret is bigger than itself". Although fans are not quite sure what it means, players have speculated that alongside the revamped version of Club Penguin as seen previously with the Fun Hut, Club Penguin could be branching out to other aspects of culture.

If Project: Super Secret truly is above Club Penguin, and that is what Club Penguin has been planning all this time, we should be seeing more Disney-related products, films, TV, etc. with the Club Penguin brand. That fact alone opens the floodgates, giving reasons for penguins to get excited about the future of the game. 2014's We Wish You A Merry Warlus, 2015's Club Penguin Monster Beach Party, and Club Penguin Halloween Panic! are all examples of recent projects that all fit under the Project: Super Secret umbrella by definition. Megg has also explained that there are different teams leading each section of Project: Super Secret besides the Club Penguin Team- the Disney Mobile Applications team, for example, is the team developing Disney Mix. This statement only further confirms that Project: Super Secret is not only about Club Penguin, but expanding the IP entirely.

Although not specifically involved with the Project: Super Secret, Disney Mix is among the first Disney collaborations that have included Club Penguin in their already existing string of huge IPs like Frozen and Inside Out. Before this application, Disney crossovers in the world of Club Penguin were to advertise upcoming films or television shows in-game with parties.  As of now, Club Penguin looks to only be decreasing in fan support and active players due to job layoffs, lack of innovative/fun parties, and language barriers between players outside of the languages available. Project: Super Secret hopefully means to change that for the better with the integration into other Disney media.

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