#ProjectSuperSecret: Penguins, Penguins Everywhere!

  • Wednesday, January 20, 2016
  • By carter

Another sneak peek for #ProjectSuperSecret has been shown. This time new items have been shown on the new 3D penguins from the project.

 The brown-colored penguin on the left is wearing the body item resembling Summer Threads but with the addition of a star on the right pocket. He is wearing a new unknown type of watch and black glasses (similar to the item of the same name or the Indie Rocker Glasses) and has black hair with green highlights that we haven't seen before.

 The lime-green penguin is wearing a black hoodie with purple lining, sporting a new UFO design, with the hoodie also coming with attached pants to match. The penguin is wearing wings with a purple and green combination to my knowledge hasn't been shown before. The penguin has blue hair with some white sunglasses just over the penguin's forehead. The reflection in the penguin's eyeglasses apparently resembles someone or something but it is hard to make out. To my knowledge, every item that this penguin has on will be brand new, unless one of these articles of clothing is released before #ProjectSuperSecret does.

The eyeglasses' reflection has been in question for fans in the Club Penguin community. Lenny Thai's prediction may be spot on: "on the left it looks like [the] migrator and right looks like [the] town."
It's impossible to know until Club Penguin releases an official statement.

That's all I could cover from this sneak peek. What do you think?

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