Prehistoric Party/Febuary 2016 Sneak Peeks

  • Wednesday, January 06, 2016
  • By carter

February/Future 2016 Clothing Items

February Party Dialogue  (Thanks @Trainman1405)

  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Shrink Ray of DOOM is ready! Now if I could just get it to shrink more than the Town.
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Uncolorizer of DOOM is ready! No penguin will want to live on a colorless island!
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Laser of DOOM is ready! First I will blast those puny Snow Forts. Then… EVERYTHING ELSE!
  • HERBERT: Who set off my security alarm!? Is that you Klutzy? I bet it’s a pesky penguin! GET OUT! SCRAM! You’re trespassing!
  • HERBERT: You can not stop The Uncolorizer of DOOM! So long as there is power, it will run FOREVER!
  • ROOKIE: Whoa now, Herbert! It’s one thing to blast and shrink our island. But don’t you EVER take the color off our pizza!
  • ROOKIE: Whoa, a laser dance party! This can’t be what Herbert planned.I think he ‘s more of a square dancer.
  • ROOKIE: Oh hey! I’m Tiny Rookie! Well, actually I’m Regular Rookie, but Herbert shrunk me down.
  • ROOKIE: It’s not so bad. When life hands you tiny lemons, make a tiny bit of lemonade, right?
  • ROOKIE: We can’t let the uncolorizer spread! Maybe that big hole has something to do with this.
  • GARY: Well done, agent. The EPF has recovered the power source. Finally.
Prehistoric Party 2016 Rooms

Prehistoric Party 2016 Hunting Spot

Prehistoric Party 2014 Hunting Spot
Prehistoric Party 2016 Yum Yum
Prehistoric Party 2014 Yum Yum

Prehistoric Party 2016 Stony Town

Prehistoric Party 2014 Stony Town
Prehistoric Party 2016 Water Place
Prehistoric Party 2014 Water Place
Prehistoric Party 2016 Stone Salon
Prehistoric Party 2014 Stone Salon

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