Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2016 Guide

  • Wednesday, February 03, 2016
  • By carter

Back in time, Gary has found the meteors used as power source for the Alien Puffle's UFO, since Herbert last tried to steal the original power source and managed to get away. Now penguins and caveguins alike are all trying to find fragmented meteors to use for the UFO power. Maybe we'll be able to get the Alien Puffles home... This is TheCarterFitz and welcome to the past- let's go over the Prehistoric Party 2016. This party is a continuation of the Operation: Crustacean story.

Prehistoric Party 2016 Dock
Prehistoric Party 2016 Time Trekker
Prehistoric Party 2016 Water Place
Prehistoric Party 2016 Fancy Pizza
Prehistoric Party 2016 Hunting Spot
Prehistoric Party 2016 Ptero Town
Prehistoric Party 2016 Ooga Ooga
Prehistoric Party 2016 Scary Ice
Prehistoric Party 2016 Stone Salon
Prehistoric Party 2016 Stony Town
Prehistoric Party 2016 Tree Place
Prehistoric Party 2016 Tricera Town
Prehistoric Party 2016 Tyranno Town
Prehistoric Party 2016 Yuck Swamp

Prehistoric Party 2016 Yum Yum

During this party, transform into different species of Dinosaur (Pink Raptor, Purple Stegosaurus, Aqua Pteranodon, Black Triceratops, and Red T-Rex) and adopt all the previously available Dinosaur Puffles from the Prehistoric Party 2014.

Here's a list of every Dinosaur Puffle release date during the Prehistoric Party 2016. Each Dinosaur puffle, along with the Alien Puffles from Operation: Crustacean, can only be adopted until February 4th.

Blue Triceratops - Jan. 20th
Purple Stegosaurus - Jan. 21st
Pink T-Rex - Jan. 21st
Yellow T-Rex - Jan. 23rd
Red Triceratops - Jan. 25th
Black T-Rex - Jan. 27th

Here's a list of all prehistoric items and their release dates during this party. These items are prehistoric themed, as are the items in the new clothing catalog, which feature items from The Good Dinosaur. For some items you may need to find a meteor fragment which can be obtained by playing the party game Dino Dig, a Treasure Hunt-type single player game. These items, as well as the party items from Operation: Crustacean, can be claimed until the party's end on February 4th. 

Jan. 20th - Hard Hat
Jan. 21st - Prehistoric Beta Hat, Dino Horns, Gray Furry Boots*
Jan. 23rd - Dino-leather Shield, Ugg Club, Warm Furry Frock*
Jan. 25th - Stone Hair Dryer, Prehistoric Sling Shot, The First Fire*
Jan. 27th - Stone Hatchet, Primal Bracers, Dinosaur Hoodie*
Jan. 29th - Prehistoric Kite
Jan. 30th - Asteroid Head, Asteroid Costume*
*Items indicated are member only items

 That's about it for the Prehistoric Party 2016! Earn coins for items by playing Dino Dig and finding meteor fragments! I hope everyone has a great 2016 and let's get this power source back to the UFO together!

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