#ProjectSuperSecret: A New Dimension

A new screenshot of the upcoming #ProjectSuperSecret has surfaced online. Spike Hike has posted the new screenshot on Twitter, which can be seen below.
 "Hey, this looks familiar, yet different. Are we in a new dimension?" 
From this early screenshot, at first glace we can see the Migrator and a few close islands. If you follow from the red target to the far shoreline with the dock in between, we can see presumably where the fun hut is located (the supposed starting point of #ProjectSuperSecret), where a sign that reads "Welcome to Club Penguin" is shown. The dock doesn't end down at the fun hut (which has now turned into more of a beach hub)- the dock extends from the north, makes a curve, and then leads to the right side of the Migrator, so this could be where penguins can board Rockhopper's ship.

Moving away from the dock, we can see split paths, specifically, four. One that I had previously mentioned leading aboard the Migrator, one leading towards a tropical green area (complete with palm trees and mossy rocks), another leading down a sandy path, and another that leads down towards an unknown location. This last path couldn't be leading to the Lighthouse as one might initially think, as the path is tilting towards the right. In this unknown location (possibly the Ski Village, indicated by the current Club Penguin map), there will likely be a split pathway where the path on the left could lead to the Lighthouse. Then again, I could be wrong, and this could just be an extension of the fun hut/Beach. I'm thinking the former rather than the latter, though.

From these early screenshots, it seems as if the Club Penguin island has taken a back seat to the new project, as the new location "Fun Hut" and the Migrator look as if they will be prominent locations in the upcoming #ProjectSuperSecret. The castles, igloos, and other colorful landmarks make this version of Club Penguin seem like a place full of action, puzzles, quests, and adventures- and so, that makes me wonder how #ProjectSuperSecret is going to turn out. The main island doesn't look like it's going away because of the clothing and other customization features that will be implemented into #ProjectSuperSecret, but Club Penguin team could be taking a Poptropica approach with the new Club Penguin, with adding more quests for penguins to explore and complete on the island and off the island as well. Yes, I predict that in the near future penguins will be able to explore other islands, seeing as the Migrator is an seemingly important room in the new version of Club Penguin.

What do you think about #ProjectSuperSecret?

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