Holiday Party 2015 BETA and more information

  • Saturday, December 12, 2015
  • By carter

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 Megg has been revealing some Holiday Party information through Club Penguin Blog comments!
There's a lot to cover that was not revealed in our previous Holiday Party 2015 information post, so let's get started!
  • There will be 28 rooms at the Holiday Party 2015. 
  • Snowman Puffles and Blue Crystal Puffles will be available for adoption.  
  • Rockhopper will be visiting the island with the Migrator, the first time since April 2014. 
  • Coins for Change is making a return, and all participating catalogs will be donating spent money towards items to the total ammount donated for Coins for Change.  
  • Similar to the Merry Walrus Party 2014, there will be various tasks (such as ringing bells and donating to the food drive) that earn you coins to contribute to Coins for Change.
  • Area 501, UFO, Observatory, and Operation: Crustacean are staying throughout the Holiday Party 2015 and have a possiblity of being decorated. Check out the guide for Operation: Crustacean.   
  • Penguins have the ability to transform into a Frostbite penguin at the Holiday Party 2015.
Some recently released screenshots reveal the true story behind the Holiday Party 2015. Some images were put up by mistake, taken early in development of the party. It's curious to see mistakes like this because we see what the Club Penguin team is really planning for the Holiday Party 2015 to be.

Holiday Party 2015 Forest (BETA)
First up we have the beta Forest for the Holiday Party 2015. A carbon copy of the Merry Walrus 2014 Forest  with the introduction of a sign on the distant Pizza Parlor, this image appeared on many websites, such as Club Penguin Space, as an official sneak peek. In every newspaper article Club Penguin wrote hinting at the Holiday Party up to that point, a dark sky was present, so some wrote this off as a fake image. However, when Club Penguin released the official image of the Plaza with a sign directly above the Pizza Parlor doors (something that wasn't present at the Merry Walrus), it turned into a different situation. In the beta Forest, the sky was light, yet in the Plaza, the sky is dark.  

Holiday Party 2015 Plaza Sneak Peek
The original plan for the Holiday Party 2015 was to have it be a carbon copy of the Merry Walrus 2014 with little changes throughout (like Rockhopper coming to the island), yet the fan demand of a night sky pressured Club Penguin staff to make the Holiday Party sport a night sky as it did in 2013.

Holiday Party 2015 Forest Sneak Peek
More proof that Club Penguin Team tried to make this party live up to the fans expectations is the addition of the Bakery from Holiday Party 2012, too busy to create an all-new concept due to time constraints and Project: Super Secret. The bakery would also mean the return of magical cookies and transformations (Frostbite, Reindeer Puffle, Toy Car), just like it did for the Holiday Party 2012. 
From the image, it can be assumed that objects like blue and white candy canes and ordaments, items specifically made to be interactive with Frostbite penguins, were making a return. However, the Bakery was scrapped because of "limited staff" working on the web version of Club Penguin, and only the Frostbite transformations were completed in time for the party. 

Holiday Party 2015 Snw Forts (BETA)
 Megg uploaded a photo of what the Snow Forts would've looked like with the Bakery to the blog, but quickly changed the photo to the newer Holiday Party 2015 Snow Forts. This image, consisting of a gingerbread platform with a cardboard tree in the center, bears resemblance to the Merry Walrus 2014's Snow Forts. This will be the first Holiday Party since 2011 to not have a building reside in the Snow Forts.

Holiday Party 2015 Snow Forts Sneak Peek
With this party, Club Penguin Team has an expectation to live up too. Last year's reception on the Merry Walrus Party was very negative and panned among fans, fueling the fire for the hashtag #SaveTheClubPenguin on Twitter minutes after the party's release. I'm looking foward to this party, but what do you think? I'll keep updated and let you guys know if I find any new information on this party.

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