Club Penguin Holiday Party 2015 Guide

  • Saturday, December 19, 2015
  • By carter

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2015 is here! Ring the bells, set up your Christmas tree, deck the halls (fa-la-la-la-la), whatever you need to do... I'm TheCarterFitz and I am going to be showing you guys around the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2015. This party is one of the only parties to cross over with another event being Operation: Crustacean, so if you haven't, check out the guide for that party here.

Holiday Party 2015 Bamboo Hut
This party is host to a real-world event at Club Penguin called Coins for Change. Club Penguin will donate a million dollars to real-world charity organizations by donating their coins. Players have the option to donate 100, 1,000 or 10,000 coins of their own to Coins for Change to help the environment, provide homes and schools to those in need, and provide medical care to the lesser parts of the world. Go up to any Coins for Change Donation Station, located at the Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Dock, Beach, Mall, Forest, Ski Village, Mine Shack, Captain's Quarters (on the Migrator), or even in some igloos (like mine!) to donate.

Here's a look at all the rooms!

Holiday Party 2015 Town
Holiday Party 2015 Snow Forts
Holiday Party 2015 Plaza

Holiday Party 2015 Coffee Shop
Holiday Party 2015 Dance Club
Holiday Party 2015 Dance Lounge
Holiday Party 2015 Clothes Shop
Holiday Party 2015 Ice Rink
Holiday Party 2015 Mall
Holiday Party 2015 Pizza Parlor
Holiday Party 2015 Dock
Holiday Party 2015 Beach
Holiday Party 2015 Ski Village
Holiday Party 2015 Ski Hill
Holiday Party 2015 Ski Lodge
 (Click on the camera to get the Big Cozy Chair Background)
Holiday Party 2015 Forest
Holiday Party 2015 Mine Shack
Holiday Party 2015 University
Holiday Party 2015 Cove
Holiday Party 2015 Area 501 (Operation: Crustacean)
Holiday Party 2015 UFO (Operation: Crustacean)

Focusing on the theme of giving and the holidays, this party is primarily based around donating for Coins for Change. In the Holiday Party 2015 Interface, there is a list of activities to take part in to gain coins around the island for Coins for Change. Your coins will automatically be transferred to the grand total of Coins for Change by purchasing clothing from Penguin Style and furniture from Furniture and Igloo Catalog. In addition, a couple activities are available. You can earn coins from donating to the food drive at the Beach, earn coins for ringing bells in the Plaza, and earn coins from throwing ornaments at the big tree in the Forest for donating to Coins for Change.

Rockhopper also has returned for the holidays with the Migrator, bringing his Christmas spirit back to the island that had been absent in the Merry Walrus Party. Merry Walrus has also been said to make his re-appearance at the party as well, visiting exclusively on the 25th of December! In this regard, the Merry Walrus character feels more like a Santa Claus type figure compared to last year. Merry Walrus has brought the Blue Crystal Puffles to the party and Snowman Puffles are adoptable as well!

Rockhopper has brought a load of new items in his Ship Hold.

Rockhopper's Rare Items December 2015
Everyone can obtain the Green Jolly Roger Hat from Rockhopper's Rare Items! (Everyone is able to obtain the 2013 Jolly Roger Hat by entering the code ESTEAN05 if red is more your color. Find more codes for the holidays on this post.)

Here's how his Migrator looks this time of year.
Holiday Party 2015 Migrator
Holiday Party 2015 Crow's Nest
Holiday Party 2015 Ship Hold
Penguins can play Treasure Hunt inside the Captain's Quarters. If you don't know how to play Treasure Hunt, the rules are posted on the wall near the Christmas tree. This also is a nice place to donate. 
Holiday Party 2015 Captain's Quarters
The best part of every Holiday Party is using Santa's Sleigh to deliver presents to all the good penguins on the island, and get rewarded for your hard work! This Holiday Party delivers (pun intended)! By going to the Dance Lounge, you can access Santa's Sled, a room that has shown up all the way back to the Holiday Party 2009!

Holiday Party 2015 Santa's Sled
Delivering 45 total presents should earn you all three free items. The first item is the blue light bulb, then the yellow light bulb, then the pink light bulb, not specifically in that order. Complete your light bulb collection with the Advent Calendar!

That's all for the Holiday Party 2015! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! I'll see you all in 2016! Until then, waddle on!

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