Rockhopper returning for the Holiday Party?

  • Saturday, November 07, 2015
  • By carter

I've found evidence that Rockhopper might return during the Holiday Party. It's something really small, but it's noteworthy nonetheless. One of the new items coming soon, as seen in this post, is an elfish version of a hat originally called "Jolly Roger Hat", seen below:

Jolly Roger Hat
New Jolly Roger Hat (Credit to Trainman1405)

The Jolly Roger Hat was first given in the Holiday Party 2013 by Rockhopper as one of the last Rockhopper's Rare Items he'd ever give out (at least, in the old migrator). In 2014, this hat wasn't given at the Merry Walrus party but INSTEAD the Club Penguin Magazine. Now that the island is MOST LIKELY (I don't know for sure) returning to the core Holiday Party format, could Rockhopper come this year and visit in his Migrator for the first time since April 2014? Before 2014, it was a tradition for Rockhopper to come to the Holiday Parties- him never missing a year! It would be nice to see our old pirate friend back this year with his ship in top condition.

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