Holiday Party 2015 Information

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  • By carter

Holiday Party 2012 Redesign by Grant Fitzsimmons (Glf2000)
Some more information about the Holiday Party 2015 has been revealed. Instead of a traditional Holiday Party, this one will be more accustom to what the Merry Walrus Party was but with Holiday Party-like elements, including the return of Rockhopper and the Advent Calendar from Holiday Party 2011. Starting off, here are some new music tracks for the main rooms, along with one new remix of "Christmas Jam", and... wait, is that the UFO making sounds at the Dock?

  • Earn coins by ringing bells in the Plaza!
  • Shiver me timbers! You did a fantastic job with Coins for Change this year! We hit our fundraising goals. Great work, me hearties.
  • Happy holidays! I've brought a gift for everyone from Merry Walrus Island!
  • Earn coins by donating to the food drive at the Beach!
  •  Earn coins by decorating the tree in the Snow Forts!
  • All purchases from the catalogs go to Coins for Change!
  • Earn coins by ringing bells in the Plaza!
  • Did you check out the BIGGEST FURNITURE CATALOG ever?
  • Decorate the tree and ring bells at the Holiday Party!
  • Happy holidays! Get your free Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo now until January 6!
  • Have you open your first Holiday gift? The Holiday Party goes until January 6!
  • Happy holidays! Collect your Holiday Party gifts!
 Lastly, a new room, the Forest...
Holiday Party 2015 Forest 

Merry Walrus Party 2014 Forest
Besides the return of Rockhopper, the return of Coins for Change fundraising goals, and the previously mentioned Advent Calendar which runs for 25 days, this looks to be a carbon copy of the Merry Walrus Party (all it's quests from last year, too) with Holiday Party elements. In my opinion, as great as it is the Holiday Party returning is, is disappointing. The Holiday Party was always a party that explored new ways of celebrating (2011 Bakery, 2012 Transformations, 2013 Trains) and reusing the same quests from a prior party (the second party behind Frozen Fever to do so) is very lazy and uninspired.

I'm sure this party will be great regardless, because it's not just about the content, it's about the celebration of holidays. Club Penguin always tried so hard on every Holiday Party with little reception, because kids were with their families and therefore Club Penguin's hard work on the Holiday Parties went unnoticed besides passionate hardcore fans. I understand if Club Penguin is going to have this party be light on new content. Club Penguin staff are people, too, and some of them might be taking winter break to spend time with their children and families.

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