Green Alien Puffle Coming SOON?

One-Eyed Puffle Pin
Monsters University Takeover 2013 - Pet Shop
The Green Alien Puffle has been a puffle who's existence has been confirmed since the Monsters University Takeover and now are rumored to become adoptable during the upcoming party, Operation: Crustacean. A spanish-speaking website, CPDirectNewz have posted some dialogue from the upcoming party. 

 " Anyone can adopt a green puffle alien. Members can adopt all aliens puffles as they become available"
According to the translations, an Alien Puffle will become available as you inspect Area 501, where Herbert is causing mayhem. The alien puffle(s) will require a pain membership. There may be more colors, too... Maybe this is a Google Translate error, or maybe there is more colors than just green!

We have evidence to beleive this puffle will come to reality too- aside from the resemblance to the Pixar character Mike Wazowski from Monsters University, a puffle with one eye can be seen on the window design on the UFO penguins can ride during Operation: Crustacean.

 On a somewhat unrelated note, on Club Penguin's GIANT puffle poster listing all of the confirmed puffles alongside some rumored ones, a cow puffle was mentioned to be "related to aliens" (a reference to crop circles, which have been commonly rumored to happen in open fields, abducting cows and other livestock). This has sparked many fan theories that the upcoming puffle is not an alien, but a cow. From the translations, this has been shut down for the most part, but what if cow puffles are related to this new puffle in some way? What if somehow cow puffles become adoptable in some way, maybe not in this party, but sometime in the near future?

This may all be very well possible, but for now it's just a theory. Do you agree or disagree with my theory? Do you think a Green Alien Puffle is really happening? Leave a comment below and let me know. Until then, waddle on!

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