Club Penguin Times: Let's Welcome our Visitors! | PH

"Wowza! Who ever thought there was life beyond the stars? This changes everything we know about puffles!
They sure are unique creatures – and cute too! I was expecting them to have some kind of sticky testicles.

They might be a wee frazzled about their ship acting wonky, but they're really a brave lot. And I reckon they're awfully curious to have come all this way to explore Club Penguin.

I'm sure our new mates would love to be shown around our igloos. What a discovery that will be for them!

Crikey, they'll even get to make friends with all kinds of puffles! I bet they'll really get along with brown puffles. They both love to create crazy technology!

Y'know, they're gonna fit in really well here. Just remember, this might seem weird to them until they adjust. After all, to them we're the aliens!"


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