Club Penguin Canon Mishaps

The canon of Club Penguin is one big confusing mess, with all the changes to the island, TV specials, advertisements and parties to take account for. It was easy to keep track of Club Penguin canon until 2012 where advertisements for real world products and Disney property were implemented into the game. Today we are going to be talking about some of the canon that doesn't quite sit right with fans.

The Club Penguin canon is a timeline not often considered or spoken about, due to the absurdity of the topic. Club Penguin indeed has a timeline, though, and the Club Penguin Times is a big representative of that, with Aunt Arctic making many references to past parties in her articles, especially as of late. Here are just some of the issues that fans have with the canon.

The Marvel Superhero Takeovers were a neat edition to Club Penguin. They kicked off sponsored parties with a bang for sure, with both parties getting critical acclaim among fans. Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 is the party that, to this day, has the record for most players online at a single time. What doesn't make sense though is how these superheroes on the island came to be. In 2012, a meteor crashed in Club Penguin, and the radiation from the meteor caused superpowers in the penguins. In 2013, penguin's superpowers were not caused by radiation but instead had been powered by power crystals. Through a mini-game, players obtained power crystals to use their superpowers. How these two parties have different stories with the same superhero idea messes up the canon of Club Penguin just a little bit. I will be counting the sponsored parties as canon.

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