Alien Abduction means free hats!

  • Wednesday, November 04, 2015
  • By carter

Operation: Crustacean is coming very soon, and yet we know little to no official information about it, as everything we know has all come from spoilers. It seems like we have to go into an forbidden area called Area 501, and there we will supposedly stop Herbert's evil plans. Sometime along the way we will unlock the ability to adopt Green Alien Puffles and unlock an EPF-branded space suit. It's all very interesting and from what we know about the party, it should be exciting to play out.

Lucky penguins have been getting a early sneak peek at the party through seemingly random UFO abductions- this was covered in the Club Penguin Times this week, and has many penguins curious as to why this is happening. As rumored, every penguin who is abducted also receives a gift from the "aliens", a lovely tinfoil hat! Now how about that, sounds nice.

Island Rumors covering Tinfoil Hats

As it turns out (as per usual), the rumor has been confirmed to be true, as penguins around the island have been showing off their fine tin caps. I have not been one of those lucky penguins who get to show off their tinfoil cap, but if I sit for long enough, the aliens must come! Right?

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