Spikey2007's Interview with Spike Hike!

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here. My buddy Spikey2007 recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Spike Hike, who is the general manager at Club Penguin, to talk about what's coming in the future of Club Penguin. And as it turns out, a lot is happening very soon. Here's the video with the interview. I'll be adding footnotes to the video to help summarize the video if you don't have time to watch.

  •  2016 teased to have "the biggest change in Club Penguin history" and will "take Club Penguin to the next level
  • Server Jumping and CPNext in 2016, already out on mobile
  • working with different technology for CPNext
  • Herbert may come back anytime, so soon as possibly this year
  • Don't have plans for EPF but have ideas
  • Card-Jitsu was inspired by Penguin Chat 3 ninjas along with wanting to make a Club Penguin Card game
  • Mascots are created to represent a certain activity/personality, no plans to add more soon
  • working with new technology to create new stamps and redesign the Stamp Book
  • Project: Super Secret is "bigger than Club Penguin, but it involves Club Penguin"
  • Will "change how [Club Penguin] does social"
  • Involves other games as well besides Club Penguin 
  • Involved with the "thing" Club Penguin is doing in 2016
  • Card-Jitsu Shadow and Card-Jitsu 3D Reboot has been held back due to technology, have plans to work on it soon
  • Plan to work on adjusting the chat filter
  • Talked about adding miniature decorations rather than replacing whole rooms
  • Project: Super Secret will "change the way Club Penguin does parties, igloos, and will allow a lot more customization than [Club Penguin] can do now"
  • Merry Walrus will return for the Holiday Party 2015
  • New puffle(s) planned for this year
  • Club Penguin mobile application coming to Windows Phone, connected to Project: Super Secret, may launch in 2016 or 2017
  • Club Penguin Staff stopped using Twitter accounts separate from the main account because it fragmented the Club Penguin audience

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