Operation: Crustacean???

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2015
  • By carter

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! I've gotten word from Riyita of Club Penguin Space that Operation: Crustacean will be November's party. A new operation was to be expected, though, we've known Herbert has been working on "something" for quite awhile, and every November since 2012 (with the exception of 2014) we've gotten a new EPF mission/operation. Nothing has been officially revealed from Club Penguin but Riyita found a screenshot of a room from the party that resembles the inside of a UFO. Credit to Club Penguin Space for the photo.

New music has also been found that can be heard on Club Penguin Space's website. Based on the sky of the image, it can be assumed that we will go into outer space, much like the Future Party last year. Will Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 return? Possibly, but he was destroyed... both debris of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 and a picture of a UFO can be found in the Puffle Lodge's attic. Could that be hinting at what's in store for this party? If so, could the tipped iceberg in another photo (located in the same room) mean anything? Leave a comment below. 

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