Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 Dialouge!

Halloween Party 2015 Coverage: 
Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! My friends over at Club Penguin Spoilers have discovered new dialouge revealing a few interesting things. It seems all the mascots participating in the 10th Anniversary Party will also participate in the Halloween Party, due to the robots being corrupted. These mascots include Gary, Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, PH, Rookie, Cadence, Dot (alongside their bots), Herbert, and a new villainous bot named Herbot. Like in the previous spoiler post, the transformations and the ability to adopt a Ghost Puffle have been confirmed. Herbert's Secret Lair will be located somewhere in the Coffee Shop. To defeat robots, you must show them their greatest fears, which are the fears of the penguins each bot was created after. Exclusive party items will also become available, such as "The Scary Gary" and "The Bot-hopper" (which I assume are furniture items)

This is some of the new dialogue, enjoy: 

Adopt a rare ghost puffle during the Halloween Party! Keep their new puffle forever! Play with their new spectral pet around the island. Scare the robot by showing it my own greatest fear!
Success! It caused fear overload. Now to deactivate it for good. Connect the green terminal to the yellow one. 
There's one thing that would scare me terrible spelling. Show this failed spelling test to the robot. 
Avast! Thar be a crazed robot that think it be me! Set sails for the Forest, matey. Scare that scurvy bot with a fearsome Pink Flamingo!
Har har! Well done, matey!
Eeee! There's a creepy robot in the Village! That's a big NOPE! What could scare me... aside from glitchy evil robots? Bugs! Show it some bugs!
Whew! You did it. Way to end the day on a high note!
I'm all for disguises, but there's a robot that looks like me in the Cove! We've got to shut it down.
We'll need to find my greatest fear: ugly sweaters. Show one to the robot. 
Great job! That robot was no match for your scaring skills!
There is a disturbance at the Beach. A mechanical monster with my clothes but not my inner calm.
 We must strike fear into this robot. Threaten the robot's beard with a trimmer!
Your beard trimmer skills are impressive, grasshopper. Well done.
Crikey! There's a bot going crackers in the Forts. Let's get over there!
This thing's afraid of whatever spooks me. Show it this UFO toy!
Bonza! You took care of that robot no problem. 
Yikes! Somebody call the EPF! The Rookie-bot is going beserk at the Plaza!
Ahh! It's as scary as a clown! Wait... that's it! Scare it with clown makeup! 
**BZZZT** You found my fear. But you'll never find the secret lair in the Coffee Shop!
Oops! **running scared.exe! ShUTTiNG DooOOoown
 Secret lair in the Coffee Shop!? Sounds spooky. I'll warn the EPF!
Klutzy, if those robots don't scare the penguins off, then my HERBOT will!
A penguin!? You're too late! My brilliant plan is unstoppable! Muhahaha!
Incorrect. MY brilliant plan is unstoppable!
I've made you too clever, Herbot!
Oh my! Another bot! Quick, Herbert, tell us your greatest fear.
Why would I tell you my fears?
Looks like this is up to us. Find another way to overload Herbot. 
Bahaha! You can't stop me and Klutzy! We'll take over this whole island!
Excellent work! We've shown Herbert we're not frightened. But we'll stay on alert for any more of his schemes. 
The laser will slow down Herbot. Tap it to fire!
Members can adopt ghost puffles and transform into spooky robots!
Oh my! A lookalike robot is scaring citizens at the Dock. We must put a stop to this. 
Collect unique party items like The Scary Gary and The Bot-hopper! 
Transform into a spooky robot during the Halloween Party

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