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  • Wednesday, October 21, 2015
  • By carter

"Hi Penguins!
Many of you have been asking when the music in our mini-games will be fixed, and have I got some great news for YOU!
Over the next few months we'll be fixing the missing music to your favorite mini-games! Unfortunately these fixes aren't easy, so we're only able to do one at a time -- but soon you'll be able to enjoy sound in mini-games once again! :D
Here's a list of the mini-games and the dates we hope to have the music fixed! Keep in mind these dates might be subject to change -- we'll keep you updated!
 * Card-Jitsu Water – October 21
 * Catchin’ Waves – October 28
 * Cart Surfer – November 4
 * Pizzatron 3000 – November 10 (Tuesday updates due to Canadian Holiday)
 * Thin Ice – November 18
 * Astro Barrier – November 25
 * Ice Fishing – December 2
 * Bean Counters – December 9
 * Hydro Hopper – December 16
Speaking of mini-games... which one is your favorite and why? LEt us knOW in the coMMents!
Waddle ON,
-ClUb PEngEin TEam"

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