Club Penguin Blog: CP Time Warp #14 - The Shadow of Scorn... | Megg

"For the 2012 Medieval Party, the team came up with this great teaser on our homepage! The shadow of Scorn would fly across the island and then disappear, so you had to pay close attention to catch a glimpse.

From the archives, here's the history of Scorn:

A menacing and domineering dragon. He provides a villain for the Medieval parties and a great plot device for traditional quests. Inspired by Smaug and Sher Kahn. Both of these stories (see below) establish Medieval as another time period, but one which we don't use the Time Trekker to get to. Scorn generally doesn't threaten the present-day island (or may not even exist there).

Once upon a time, the lands of Club Penguin lived in peace and harmony. They were separated into many different kingdoms: dragons of Dragon Peak, the Fairies and Forest Folk of the Fairy Woods, the Wizards of the Mushroom Kingdom, the penguins of Royal Village, and the Guardians of the Sky Kingdom. Then, one dark day, a mighty beast appeared in the skies. He was Scorn, the Dragon King, and with his evil magic he plunged Club Penguin into darkness Now the lands of Club Penguin cry out for a band of Heroes to gather together, unite the kingdoms, and defeat the Dragon King once and for all!
Scorn was defeated by a group of heroes at the top of Dragon Peak. Peace was restored to the five kingdoms of Club Penguin."

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