"Ye Olde Styles" - September 2015 Penguin Style

  • Wednesday, September 02, 2015
  • By carter

Hello Penguins! TheCarterFitz here. Club Penguin has released their newest edition of Penguin Style for September 2015. This month's theme is medieval fashions just in time for the Descendants Takeover on September 17th, 2015.

Player Card Backgrounds for Everyone

"Mystic Summer Designs!"

Bowman gear / Purple Dragon Costume
 (By typing in "HAPPYCNY" on Unlock Items Online, you can receive the Purple Dragon Feet and Costume for free)

no Magical Princess

Ye Olde Knight's Armor/ Medieval Jester costume II
Princess Getup
"Clothes fit for a king or queen!"
Epic Knight Armor/Troll Costumes
Magical Winged Fairies
Enchantress/Bard Outfits
Penguins at Work - Blacksmith 
...and that's it for the new pages! Did you like this catalog? Leave a comment below! Until then, waddle on!

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