Descendants Party 2015 Guide

 The Descendants Party is here, and yes, it is one of those parties: the rushed and unnecessary parties merely there to fill the gap between the heavy hitters. For what it is, it's a nicely decorated mini-party, but calling it a hit would not be correct. There are some outfits from the Disney Channel Original Movie to obtain, but all of them are too drastic for my taste. This party makes absolutely no sense whatsoever if you've not seen Descendants like I haven't. For what it's worth, here are the rooms in the Descendants Party. 
Descendants Party University - Auradon Prep

Descendants Party Mine Shac- wait, where's the mine?
Descendants Party Iceberg - Isle of the Lost
Descendants Party Interface

Descendants Party Interface
I sincerely want to apologize to the Inside Out Party. It turns out you were not the worst takeover of all time. 

Descendants Party takes the cake for that one.

 But enough of my opinion- what did you think of the Disney Takeover Descendants Party? Leave a comment below. Until then, waddle on!

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