Club Penguin Times: Auradon Prep Student Profile: Mal | Aunt Arctic

"I hear some of our readers are new students at Auradon Prep. I recently sat down with charismatic student, Mal, to see what scholarly advice she has. 
AA: What's the biggest challenge that new students might have at Auradon Prep?
Mal: Aside from the lack of villains? Probably all the rules. I'm in Remedial Goodness 101... that seems like a bit much.
AA: Word is that some students have been throwing snowballs in class. How do you feel about this?
Mal: It's just how they express themselves. Not everyone's like me. We all can't have magical powers passed onto us by the world's most feared villain. 
AA: Friendships are so important. I've heard a rumor that you and Prince Ben are close friends. Is this true?
Mal: Hmm... no comment.
AA: What's something that everyone should bring with them on the first day of school?
Mal: My first choice is a spell book or magic wand. It's important to bring a little magic to class.
Mal, thanks so much for talking to us! Good luck to all you students and teachers out there!"

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