Club Penguin Halloween Party 2015 Room Spoilers!

 Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here, with some, actually, really scary news... so you've heard about the Mascbots somehow turning against us at the end of the 10th Anniversary Party? We know this because of this line found in the files of the Club Penguin application:

"Gadzooks! I'm afraid the robots I made for our Anniversary Party have gone haywire! It's a very scary start to Halloween. Would you help me deal with these crazy creations? The Gary Bot is menacing the Mine Shack right now."

Well, I don't exactly know what the whole Halloween Party is about, but we can get some clues from these images. You can apparently change into a robot during the Halloween Party 2015. This was discovered by Trainman1405 through a glitch on the Club Penguin Application. Trainman1405 is also who gave me these photos, so all credit is to him. Go check out his website

 Ghost Puffles (my personal favorite kind of puffle) WILL be adoptable during the Halloween Party 2015! So everyone who missed it, now is your opportunity! These puffles aren't scary, they just want to be loved by you :) Solve the mystery of the broken Mascbots together!

Ghost Puffle Adoption - Halloween Party 2014
Here are the pictures of the Halloween Party 2015 rooms alongside a comparison from a similar design to the bottom of that picture.
Halloween Party 2015 Town

Halloween Party 2014 Town

Halloween Party 2015 Plaza

Halloween Party 2014 Plaza

Halloween Party 2015 Forest

Halloween Party 2014 Forest

Halloween Party 2015 Cove
Halloween Party 2014 Cove
Halloween Party 2015 Dock
Halloween Party 2014 Dock
Halloween Party 2015 Ski Village (love the little details!)

Halloween Party 2014 Ski Village
Halloween Party 2015 Mine Shack 
Halloween Party 2014 Mine Shack
Halloween Party 2015 Coffee Shop (broken coffee cup, broken table, no electricity... what's going on?)

10th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop
Halloween Party 2015 Beach
Halloween Party 2014 Beach

Mysterious Party Room? (HERBERT ON  A PUMPKIN?)
Trainman1405's Robot Transformation
Trainman1405 also posted the music that will play during the Halloween Party 2015, and that can be found right here:
This party looks just as incredible as ever. I'm really interested to see what direction they take this new "robots going bezerk" story. It sounds really interesting. Let me know what you think. Until then, waddle on!

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