Club Penguin Blog: What's Coming in September 2015 | Megg

"Hi Penguins!

Ready to unscramble another wonderful list of events coming this month? Who am I kidding... Of course you are! :D

And... GO:

1. ysedin nntdcseadse yaptr
(Disney Descendants Party)
2. nlntioaa wilelifd nohtm (International Wildlife Month)
3. katl leik a ietrpa yda (Talk like a Pirate Day)
4. onaatiln divoe gsaem ayd (National Video Games Day)
5. ddeyt eabr ady (Teddy Bear Day)
6. drea a obok dya (Read a Book Day)
7. bemrmeer nhwe... (Rembember when...)
8. shear yuro erismoem (10 naaiyvensrr idvoe) (Share your memories (10 anniversary video))

Don't forget to work together in the comments below -- good luck!

-Club Penguin Team

P.S. I'll be posting Featured Outfits later today -- stay tuned :D"


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