Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Information (STICKY POST)

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2015
  • By carter

 Previous Anniversary Party Posts:
 UPDATE 9/19/2015: Here's the 10th Anniversary Party music in one playlist courtesy of Club Penguin Reveals.

UPDATE 9/18/2015: Megg has made a new blog post with some new information about the 10th Anniversary Party that can be found here revealing that members will be able to adopt Dino Puffles, everyone will be able to adopt Gold Puffles, and "masc-bots" will be around the island giving breif history lessons about the rooms they'll be located in.

 UPDATE 9/16/2015: The 10th Anniversary Party Hat has been revealed and it's a hat like no other. It looks amazing. I love the sparklers and the shiny "10" on the top! It looks EPIC.

10th Anniversary Celebration Hat
Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! My friends over on Club Penguin Reveals have shared some of the Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Party rooms. I will also be posting some speculation at the bottom of this post that may help reveal the rest of the rooms to be chosen. Be warned- this post contains spoilers. I will be comparing the leaked rooms to their original party counterparts.

Anniversary Party Town
Anniversary Party Coffee Shop
Anniversary Party Plaza
From Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam 2013

Anniversary Party Snow Forts
From Puffle Party 2010

Anniversary Party Beach
From Adventure Party 2009
Anniversary Party Ski Village and Casa Fiesta
From Music Jam 2011
Anniversary Party Cove
From Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit
Anniversary Party Mine Shack
From Pi Day 2015
Anniversary Party Forest
Anniversary Party Pizza Parlor
Pairing up the music to the rooms we know will be decorated (but were not shown) and comparing the dialogue to each room, I have came up with several conclusions.

The Dock will be the Dock from Camp Penguin 2007. This may be the easiest to point out given that it's the only 2007 party that is all but confirmed to make an appearance at the 10th Anniversary Party. One listen to the music and any penguin that's been around the island for a while, they'll tell you it's time to camp.
Camp Penguin Dock

The Dance Club may or may not be decorated, but will be accompanied by Summer Party 2006 music... if decorated, it'll likely be decorated after said party or another summer-themed party.

Summer Party Night Club
The only other room I am not sure about is the April Fool's 2008 room. There is no "Sparky's New Bike" track that has been found accompanying any room and the dialogue is unclear. Perhaps the room could be the Iceberg, since "Sparky's New Bike" is a remix of the main theme to the April Fool's Day '06-'08.

If you would like to learn more and catch up on the latest spoilers, check out Club Penguin Reveals! Did you like this post? Are you excited for the 10th Anniversary Party? Leave a comment below, and until then, waddle on!

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