"The Biggest Catalog Ever" - August 2015 Penguin Style

Hello Penguins! CarterFitz here. Club Penguin has released their newest edition of Penguin Style for August 2015. This month's theme is "The Biggest Catalog Ever", and there's a load of new items with classic items hidden in the back. This month's catalog is still image based, but I don't see the problem with it anymore as long as they provide great items to wear.

First off we have the newest "Clothing Items for Everyone", it's first update since the original in 2013. These items look incredibly well designed for non-member items. I like the new wigs and the t-shirts. Adding the Hot Cocoa and the Orange Balloon were a nice touch here. Good on you, Club Penguin!

New Clothing for Everyone
Old Clothing for Everyone

This month's featured items are fashion based. 

The next few pages bring back some older fashion-themed items.

The "Get the Look!" section of the catalog has been updated. It now gets two pages instead of just one, and the Kitty Cat eyes have been replaced in favor of some utopian styles of makeup.
 "Penguins at Work" - The latest job opening is in filming. You can get a camera to take pictures and/or film at the Fashion Festival. 

The last pages focus on "Essential Items"...
Items for Everyone - 2012-2014
Head Items - 2006-2007
 Head Items 2008-2009
 Head Items 2009-2011
 Head Items 2011-2012
 Face Items 2005 - 2011
 Face Items 2012-2013
 Neck Items 2006-2011
 Neck Items 2011
 Neck Items 2011-2014
 Body Items 2005-2008
 Body Items 2008-2010
 Body Items 2009-2011
 Body Items 2011
 Hand Items 2006-2013
 Hand Items 2009-2011
 Hand Items 2011-2012
 Feet Items 2006-2011
 Feet Items 2010-2013

...and that's it for the new pages! Did you like this catalog? Leave a comment below! Until then, waddle on!

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