Flippr's Closure

  • Friday, August 28, 2015
  • By Proper Blue

G'day mates! Proper Blue here. And today, is a sad day. The well known custom CPPS Flippr, has shut down it's servers permanently. On August 27th 2015, Sandor, one the founders of Flippr, announced that Flippr would close.

Meanwhile, a hacker managed to hack Flippr's website and now it is a database that consists of everyones passwords, IP's, Penguin ID's, Emails, and much more. The whole CPPS community has blown up because of this. Sandor is heartbroken that he spent months working on this project, and so are the other main developers. This is the end of our Flippr posts. It was a great run, but it has to end sometime right? That is all for today. Of course, Waddle on.

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