Flippr Rumor - Leaked Parties through 2015

Hey Penguins! CarterFitz here! A penguin by the name of PrinceAisu has apparently "leaked" the rest of the Flippr parties for 2015. Take this with a grain of salt, but here are the alleged parties:

September: The Fair
October: Halloween Party
November: Marriage Party and Rockhopper Island
December: Holiday Party

This list does seem convincing, given that the September party usually was the Fair, October always having the Halloween Party, and December always having the Holiday Party. The odd one out, though, is the Marriage Party. While it is not out of the realm of possibility (Rory and Paige's wedding mini-party, Jet Pack Guy and Dot's mysterious relationship, and the mystery of Garemy's mother), it seems a little odd for there to be a whole party focused on marriage. It would be cool to visit Rockhopper Island, though. Think of the possibilities.

Anyway, do you think this is fake or legit? Leave a comment below, until then, waddle on!

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