Flippr Puffle Party 2015 Guide

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here! I will be guiding you through Flippr's Puffle Party 2015. This party has been anticipated for a while, with a promise that most rooms would be decorated, over 150 items will be collectable, and much more... and behold, our wishes were granted! This party is so super awesome so let's get started!

When you enter the party you will receive the Puffle Party 2015 exclusive party stamp and a message from PH:

 "Puffle Party 2015 is here! There's SO much to do that it's insane! Click the Quest Icon in the top right corner of the screen of your screen for more details." 

Click on the Puffle Party Quest Icon and you should see this screen.

This screen gives you the four main options at this party; Puffle Quests, Puffle Hotel Domains, Attractions around the Island, and the total gifts you can collect throughout the party. Check all of the rewards out on the island and explore some of the party rooms! This party will continue through September 6th, 2015!

Before doing ANYTHING, be sure to stop by the Pet Shop and adopt the new Aqua Puffle! I think they're so adorable! Meet my Aqua Puffle, Surf!

Here's what the Puffle Handbook had to say about these adorable, fluffy guys! Hence their name, Aqua, these puffles love to play with water! And... they're EXTRA fluffy!
Puffle Quests

This is the Puffle Quest board. From here, you should be able to keep track of your progress on the Puffle Quests. Each quest has three parts. First, you must find the Sleeping Puffle Creature for the certain puffle species. Next, you must find that species of puffle's glowing o'berry. Lastly, you must visit the corresponding type of puffle's treehouse to claim it's puffle stuffie, costume, and background. There are 20 stuffies, costumes, and backgrounds to collect in all. Unlock the ultimate quest by completing all 20 Puffle Party Quests, visit the Great Puffle Circus, Visit a Puffle Domain with a puffle of corresponding color, and find the Secret Puffle Island. At the Puffle Treehouses, you can transform into that respective color of puffle.* In each puffle's guide, I will also show you their domain.

*as of now, if you try to transform, it turns you into an aqua puffle.

Blue Puffle

 Blue Squirrel Puffle Costume - Ski Hill
Glowing Blue O-Berry - Dance Lounge (Dance Club Rooftop)

Pink Puffle
Pink Monkey Puffle Costume - Hidden Lake
Glowing Pink O-Berry - Dojo Courtyard

Black Puffle
Black Bat Puffle Costume - Beach
Glowing Black O-Berry - Ski Lodge

Green Puffle
Green Lizard Puffle Costume -  Dojo
Glowing Green O-Berry - Iceberg

Purple Puffle
Purple Beaver Puffle Costume - Iceberg
Glowing Purple O-Berry - Coffee Shop

Red Puffle
 Red Chicken Puffle Costume - Snow Center
Glowing Red O-Berry - Mine Shack

Yellow Puffle

Yellow Lion Puffle Costume - Puffle Park
Glowing Yellow O-Berry - Plaza

White Puffle
White Polar Bear Puffle Costume - Beacon
Glowing White O-Berry - Cloud Park

Orange Puffle
Orange Bird Puffle Creature - Cove
Glowing Orange O-Berry - Community Center

Brown Puffle
Brown Horse Puffle Costume - Dock
Glowing Brown O-Berry - Cafe Yard

Rainbow Puffle
 Rainbow Unicorn Puffle Costume - Forest
Glowing Rainbow O-Berry - Clothes Shop

Gold Puffle
Golden Retriever Puffle Costume - Ski Village
Glowing Gold O-Berry- Pizza Parlor

Magenta Puffle
 Magenta Dragon Puffle Costume -Wild Ponds
Glowing Magenta O-Berry - Flippr University Hallway

Silver Puffle
Silver Fox Puffle Costume - Mine Shack
Glowing Silver O-Berry - Ski Lodge
Jungle Puffle
 Jungle Gator Puffle Costume - Mine
Glowing Jungle O-Berry - Stage

Ice Puffle
 Ice Blue Jay Puffle Costume - Town
Glowing Ice O-Berry - Sport Shop

Magic Puffle
Magic Moose Puffle Costume - Stadium
Glowing Magic O-Berry - Ski Lodge

Lucky Puffle
 Lucky Cat Puffle Costume - The Woods
Glowing Lucky O-Berry - Puffle Hotel Lobby

Spectrum Puffle
 Spectrum Zebra Puffle Costume - Lighthouse
Glowing Spectrum O-Berry - Puffle Hotel Suite

Aqua Puffle
Aqua Fish Puffle Costume - Pet Shop Upstairs
Glowing Aqua O-Berry - Puffle Ball Pit (Underground Pool)

After you've collected all of the puffle costumes and berries, you will gain access to the puffle treehouses, and therefore each puffle's stuffie and mascot background. Enter each treehouse for something unique.

Blue Puffle Treehouse
Pink Puffle Treehouse
Black Puffle Treehouse
Green Puffle Treehouse
Purple Puffle Treehouse
Red Puffle Treehouse
Yellow Puffle Treehouse
White Puffle Treehouse
Orange Puffle Treehouse
Brown Puffle Treehouse
Rainbow Puffle Treehouse
Gold Puffle Treehouse
Magenta Puffle Treehouse

Silver Puffle Treehouse
Jungle Puffle Treehouse
Ice Puffle Treehouse
Lucky Puffle Treehouse
Spectrum Puffle Treehouse
Aqua Puffle Treehouse
After you have completed all 20 puffle quests, it is time for you to begin the Ultimate Quest

1. Complete all 20 Puffle Party Quests - Done.  

2. Visit the Great Puffle Circus, located in the Snow Center. Here you can watch all different kinds of puffles perform on stage for your enjoyment! In order to get credit for doing this task, you must watch all 20 of each puffle's performance.

3.  Visit a Puffle Domain of the same color as the puffle you are walking. There are 20 different Puffle domains exclusively during the Puffle Party. Each domain has a corresponding deluxe colored puffle house and deluxe colored puffle bed. There are 38 FREE furniture items (currently available) to get throughout the Puffle Domains. Every puffle (besides Aqua at the moment) has a puffle domain.

The Puffle Hotel Pool can currently only be accessed through the EPF Phone. (Source)

Blue Puffle Domain (Sitting Room)
Pink Puffle Domain (Pool)
Black Puffle Domain (Skatepark)
Green Puffle Domain (Balcony)

Purple Puffle Domain (Gym and Spa)

Red Puffle Domain (Playscape)

Yellow Puffle Domain (Art Studio)

White Puffle Domain (Ice Rink)

Orange Puffle Domain (Dining Hall)

Brown Puffle Domain (Game Room)

Rainbow Puffle Domain (Rooftop)

Gold Puffle Domain (Basement)

Magenta Puffle Domain

Silver Puffle Domain

Jungle Puffle Domain

Ice Puffle Domain

Magic Puffle Domain

Lucky Puffle Domain

Spectrum Puffle Domain

4. Find the Secret Puffle Island. The Secret Puffle Island can be found by going to the Iceberg and find the hidden snowy passageway. That way you will find the Secret Puffle Island. You should be able to earn a igloo and/or location, yet it currently doesn't work.

Speaking of igloos, it's not well known that if you visit the Flippr University Classroom you will be able to pick up the Puffle Toy Igloo

This is what the Puffle Toy igloo looks like. Same as the Giant Puffle Toy inside the Flippr University classroom, you can mouse over the red balls and they will move. It's cool to see an interactive igloo like this, and I think Flippr should continue to make more.

Congratulations! You've beaten the Puffle Quests!!! It wasn't that hard, was it? You should obtain the Puffle Party 2015 Ultimate Quest Background. Since I wasn't able to obtain it due to a glitch, my friend Angry80769 sent me a clear version of the background:

Meeting the Penguin Band
To meet the Penguin Band, all you have to do is go upstairs in the Coffee Shop. In the Book Room, you can find the Penguin Band performing "Jazz Piano" and several puffles dancing in the audience. Clicking on the Penguin Band allows you to get their Puffle Party backgrounds. 
Flippr has two exclusive Puffle Party catalogs available. One is available now, located in the Puffle Hotel Suite, and has a collection of Puffle Toques.
Returning on September 6th to the Clothes Shop will let you claim Puffle Posters, igloos, and more only for this Puffle Party! 

This is all of the secrets I can find in Flippr's Puffle Party 2015 for now! Find any more? Leave them in the comments below. Until next time, waddle on!

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