Flippr EPF Mission 1 Guide - Puffle O-No!

Hello penguins! CarterFitz here. Flippr has released the first Flippr-Exclusive EPF mission. Flippr EPF Missions have been created in the same style of the old Club Penguin PSA Missions, mixed together with elements from Club Penguin's Operation: Hot Sauce. This mission is known as "Puffle O-No!", and became fully functional on August 4th, 2015 for everyone on Flippr to play. I will be walking you through step-by-step on how to complete the missions.

Mission 1: Puffle O-No!

1. Go to the EPF Command Room (via the Everyday Phoning Facility OR Spy Phone), and click on the EPF badge icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the red-screen tablet icon and it should open up the mission screen. Click the first mission "Puffle-O No!" and begin your mission.

2. Gary will briefly talk to you about your mission. Robberies took place on the Flippr Island overnight in the Pet Shop and Puffle Hotel, and puffle food has been stolen. The suspect left clues, including tremendous ammounts of X-77, the chemical found in Box Dimension portals. It's your job to find clues at the Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel, and Pizza Parlor to find out who caused the robbery.

3. Arrive at the scene of the crime where you should see the Plaza lined with construction tape with two other agents nearby. Looking for clues, the first place I've chosen to go into is the Pet Shop.

 4. Arrive in the Pet Shop and explore the area.

5. Talk to Dot and she'll give you some information about your first clue.

6. You then should see your first clue, which is some orange fur laying on the ground. Grab the orange fur and place it in the briefcase as evidence. Is it orange puffle fur? How'd it get there?

7. Arrive in the Puffle Hotel and explore the area. There's no evidence to be found in the Puffle Hotel Lobby, so that means the clue must be on another floor.

8. Click on the elevator only to find it's broken.

9. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, and he'll tell you about an agent named Tech back at the EPF.

10. Go see Tech back at the EPF Command Room.

11. Talk to Gary and he'll talk to Tech about the broken elevator in the Puffle Hotel.

12. Talk to Tech and ask him to come with you to the Puffle Hotel.

13. Go back to the Puffle Hotel and talk to Tech once more. He'll ask you for a "specific type of wrench".

14. 3D-Print a wrench using your EPF Spy Phone.

15. Talk to Tech and he'll fix the elevator.

16. Click on the elevator door and press the up-arrow to the right of the elevator door.

17. Pick up the purple goop found in the pool of the Puffle Hotel Rooftop for evidence... maybe it's X-77? ...or maybe it's spilled punch. Let's keep searching.

18. Arrive at the Pizza Parlor. You should see a box on the top of the slushy machine, but the box is too high to reach. A make-shift ladder will do the trick.

19. Pick up the stack of rods found at the Ski Village as materials to build the ladder.

20. Pick up the rope found at the Dock as materials to build the ladder.

21. Mix the rope and rods together to make a ladder.

22. Visit the Pizza Parlor and place the ladder near the slushy machine.

23. Pick up the box as evidence. Could it be containing some X-77?

24. Bring it all to Gary to investigate back at the EPF Command Room.

Gary investigates the items and he finds that all the items relate to the box dimension in some way. The purple slime is residue left behind from using a box portal, while the box was a box portal itself. The orange fur was just common orange puffle fur, so that means that an Orange Puffle was involved somehow.

Press "Okay" to end the mission.

Agent Delta's Sidequest

 1. Go to the Plaza.

2. Talk to Agent Delta. He makes himself clear- he's bored of being on security watch and wishes someone would bring him a cup of hot coffee.

3. Go to the Town.

4. Enter the Coffee Shop.

5. Talk to the penguin at the coffee counter and order Hot Coffee.

6. Bring the hot coffee to Delta and he should thank you for your kind deed.


For completing Mission 1: "Puffle O-No!" you'll recieve a Medal of Honor.

If you've completed the sidequest, you'll also receive this thank you letter from the Director.

...and that's it! What did you think of this mission? Tell me in the comments below. Until next time... Waddle On! 

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