Fashion Festival 2015 Information

Hello penguins! CarterFitz here. I did some digging and found this site called Club Penguin Spoilers and it caught my attention. All kinds of different Club Penguin spoilers can be found on the site. They have recently revealed all the party dialogue and the bases for the decorated rooms on their website, and I thought I would share them with you, so here they are:

The Dock, where the main event will likely take place:

The Forest (with giant fungi growing out of the ground?)

The Plaza decorated with lights

Snow Forts, decorated all nice

Stadium (POOL!)

Town (welcome to the Fashion show!)

...and that's just a little of what I found on their website! These people have worked hard on collecting all this information, so I would reccomend checking their website out (and if you would like to know more):

Do you like how the rooms have been decorated? Leave a comment below. Until then, waddle on!

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