Club Penguin Fashion Festival 2015 Guide

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here. The Fashion Festival has come in full swing on the Club Penguin Island, and man, does the island look fashionable! This is the first ever Fashion Contest where we can vote on other penguin's outfits in a all-out competition. Plus, for the first time ever Dot is meetable on the island! So, let's get started, and may the best fashionista win!

When you log in, you will be greeted with a message from Dot the Design Gal:

"Welcome to the Fashion Festival, where you can share your style with the whole island! First, go to one of the runways to submit an outfit." 

Before submitting your own oufits, take some time to enjoy the scenery. The island looks beautiful this time at sunset, eh? Fun fact: This sunset resembles the one used at the Fair 2014, Fair 2015, and Hollywood Party. 

Fashion Festival Town
Fashion Festival Plaza (note: clicking on the bouy will send you to the Big Wave, just like in the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam 2013) 
Fashion Festival Big Wave

Fashion Festival Forest (Wild Fashion)
Fashion Festival Snow Forts (High Fashion)
Fashion Festival Dock (Silly Fashion)
Fashion Festival Stadium (Pool)
Challenges appear in each department (Silly Fashion, High Fashion, and Wild Fashion). You can enter your outfit for a particular theme by going in a changing room located in that particular theme's area. Each theme has a certain challenge, and these challenges switch every three days until September 6th at the party's end. You can also vote for outfits in a particular theme by clicking on the voting poll table in that particular theme's area.

 Voting helps you get more challenge tickets, which in turn, lets you enter more outfits into the competition.

These are the challange themes that will be available later on in the party: 

Wild Fashion Themes
Silly Fashion Themes
High Fashion Themes
At the end of the party, the global winners of the Fashion Festival challanges (the player's who's outfits had gotten the most likes in each challange) will be shown on the big screen for a week after the event is over. Your outfit will be shown alongside your penguin name. For winning an individual challenge, you will receive "Dot's Fashion Festival Background". There might be a coin reward or a special item involved as well, but it's not confirmed at this point. 
Dot's Fashion Festival Background
Dot's Giveaway
For meeting Dot, you should obtain the "Dot's Giveaway" background by clicking the box icon on her player card. 

That's about all I have on the Club Penguin Fashion Festival 2015! Did you enjoy this post? Did I leave anything out? Leave a comment below. Until next time, waddle on!

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