Club Penguin Blog: Cove Decorations for 10 Year Anniversary Party | Megg


Hello penguins! CarterFitz here. Club Penguin has updated it's blog with the following post: 

"Hi Penguins,

Our community is THE BEST! So many of you have helped out and voted on your favorite party room to bring back to the Beach and the Pizza Parlor – I wish the party was next week so you could see the results. :D

Alright, it's time to cast your vote for which of the following rooms you'd like to see brought back to the Cove. Here are your options:

2012 Temple of Fruit Party

2013 Prehistoric Party

2013 Marvel Superhero Takeover 

As always, leave your vote in the comments below! Oh! Heads up, we'll close the voting off on these polls Monday, August 3 -- have a great weekend!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team"

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